Looking for a good way to get started on a new project in your accounting firm - or want to solve an existing barrier to reaching your goals? If so, then the Accountancy practice telephone consultation might well be just the thing that will...

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An introductory phone consultation for the practitioner or principal partner of accounting firm

An informal but in-depth consultation is often the best way to start changing conditions in one or more issues in an accounting practice. One is usually uncertain as to HOW to tackle those barriers that appear to be stopping the forward progress in some area of the practice.

The barrier could be simply "how to get started on the project" of a specific kind, or it could be something that's stopping you from achieving the results you want in an existing undertaking.

The problem is the problem... but the funny thing is that it persists only as long as something about it remains unnoticed.

In fact, one is seldom totally certain on the exact STRUCTURE of the barrier either, as if one knew it exactly and could specify all its parts, knew all the data pertaining to the problem and could arrange each datum according to its order of importance... well, that problem would simply cease to exist.

One thing no problem can withstand for any length of time is accurate observation down to its smallest detail.

Thus, for a problem to remain, there must be SOMETHING about it that's unknown or unevaluated.

There must be some datum that's missing, some piece of information that has been added but doesn't belong in THAT problem, some conclusion that's been given an incorrect degree of importance (too little or too much), some aspect of it that has eluded inspection, or some angle of approach that's not been tried.

Something's there that shouldn't be there, or something is missing... it's something like that.

It needn't be a big thing at all. In fact, it's usually something quite minute.

Forwarding a goal is a bit like building an engine to power a vehicle for the purpose of reaching a destination. You create the components carefully, put them together with a lot of care... and then test the engine.

If it doesn't run at all OR runs labouriously (so a good portion of the generated energy is somehow lost elsewhere than into the powering of the forwarding of the goal) perfectly... well, something's amiss and you KNOW it's not something BIG, right?

It has to be something small, some unnoticed little thing that's causing the whole engine lose its power... something that, once located and picked off, can instantly deliver full power from this mighty device, empowering the forwarding of the intended goal.

And that's the whole idea of our introductory 2-hour consultation.


Accountancy practice telephone consultation

Accountancy practice telephone consultationThe purpose of the Accountancy practice telephone consultation is to give you an exterior viewpoint on the problems you feel are stopping or hampering an activity within your practice OR to investigate how a completely new endeavour would be best begun.

It is a two-hour consultation via the telephone in one or two stages, followed by a written report on the subjects discussed and all the angles of approach to all that was explored.

The purpose is to avail you with another person who has worked with hundreds of practices so that whatever challenges that you're facing now can be explored from all possible angles to bring more clarity into the issue and inspect it within the allotted time available so as to open up some knots that hamper your progress toward your set goals.

The consultation is completely confidential, of course.

Additionally, I will never tell you what you should think or do about your practice or anything else for that matter. I will suggest possibilities, ask questions which may not have been asked, and work with you to see if we can define the issue better or possibly unknot the whole problem.


What your Accountancy practice telephone consultation could do for you

There are no guarantees that we can solve any specific problem within the allotted time available in your Accountancy practice telephone consultation.

But by the same token I can guarantee that we will come up with some new angles and ideas to existing issues, some of which may well be pricelessly valuable in your hands.

YOUR creativity is the most precious thing for your firm... that which is you. You can make things go right and have done so for so long and in so many ways that you might be the only person who doesn't actually REALISE your worth...

But I guarantee that any new idea in your hands will produce positive results at one time or another. In fact, in your hands, it need not be much of a new idea to produce the cost of the consultation back a hundred fold!

And that's really what you receive from your Accountancy practice telephone consultation. It's a bit of a treasure hunt, actually. Because it concentrates on the POSITIVE, who knows what we might unearth in those two hours?

It might be just the thing you've been waiting for...

I would never say that you NEED this... but I will say that you certainly DESERVE some backup and assistance in your all-important capacity as the ultimate "creator" of that which your firm produces.

So why not give it a try and see if it could be useful?


Cost of your Accountancy practice telephone consultation

The normal price of two hours of consulting is USD600.00 but for a short while and only I'm offering the Accountancy practice telephone consultation for only USD397.00 — that's only three-hundred-ninety-seven US Dollars.

You can purchase your Accountancy practice telephone consultation now to utilise this special offer and USE it later at any point during the next three months. Once you place your order we will process it and I will then contact you to set the telephone appointment to any point in time you wish.

So it is easy and by reserving your Accountancy practice telephone consultation you'll acquire it at low cost too... so why not try it?

It might be the thing that lights the spark for that which you've wanted to achieve...

To secure your Accountancy practice telephone consultation, simply click the link of our secure server below and place your order now!

If you have further questions, please use our unique product enquiry form to talk to a consultant (not a salesperson) about any and all concerns you may have and to receive answers to each of your questions.

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Terms & Conditions of telephone consultations


Terms and conditions of Accountancy practice telephone consultation service

This service is an introductory service lasting maximum two hours with the average length being 1-2 hours. We cannot guarantee that a definite solution is found within the set time limit. The purpose of this service is not to PROVIDE any solutions but to participate in inspecting and analysing the problem(s) you bring to the consultation with the goal of achieving more clarity and understanding of what the problem consists of.

Any solutions resulting from this service would be created by you with the increased clarity and the understanding achieved through the consultation on your part.

We guarantee not to criticize you or your actions in any way in the consultation (or any other time either, for that matter). You will not be told what to do. No data is forced upon you but we want you to evaluate every datum and accept it ONLY if YOU think it is correct and workable for you.

The fee of Accountancy practice telephone consultation is non refundable and it entitles the client into maximally two hours of the consultant's time. If the client does not make him/herself available for the consultation within three months after the purchase of the service, the service is considered delivered, providing that the consultant has attempted to contact the client at least three times for the purpose of reserving a time slot for the service.

The client is responsible for participating in the consultation by wanting to discuss the issues of concern he has chosen for the consultation. If the client refuses to discuss the matter then the consultation will be considered delivered in full.

This consultation service is SOLELY for accounting practitioners and/or principal partner(s) of an accounting firm and under no circumstances for management or marketing consultants. Please note this before you buy as if we find that a consultant has purchased the service we will not deliver the consultation nor refund the payment. This clause is solely for professional management and/or marketing consultants and will never be used against an accounting professional, even if he/she does dabble in aforementioned types of consulting.

The written report is delivered within a week from the end of the consultation in PDF format, sent to the client as an e-mail attachment. This report may include recommendations as to what action the client could take and it may also include an offer of our services or products, if these would be suitable for the client in our view.

Whatever actions you decide to take after the consultation and/or the report is up to you and HDK Consultants Ltd has no legal liability in this.


Telephone charges and the schedule of the service

Telephone charges are included in this service for clients located within Europe and in United States or Canada. We will call the client if he resides in these aforementioned locations, provided a telephone number is provided.

For clients residing in other countries outside the aforementioned areas, it is the client's responsibility to call us at a time agreed by e-mail.

Note that we can deliver the phone consulting in the evenings and weekends also, as long as the time has been agreed in advance and your time zone permits it within working hours of 8 AM to 8 PM Greenwich Mean Time (British time zone).

Thus, if you reside in the USA, please don't reserve an evening time for the consultation as the latest we can deliver is 3PM EST as that's 8PM in United Kingdom — British time zone is five hours ahead of US East Coast.


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Terms & Conditions of telephone consultations