Presenting your Accounting services to potential clients is the key point governing the success of sales & marketing activities. Learn how traditional marketing of Accounting services has put us on a road to an almost certain failure...

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The vital role of Accounting service presentation in the results of your marketing & sales system

Traditional Accountancy presentation requires too much innocence from the prospect...Once you have a prospecting system that produces a good flow of potential clients, the next important issue is to have a well-planned method of presenting your services to these new contacts.

Everyone knows one should have a high-quality presentation in order to get potential clients signed onto your Accounting services.

You don't only need a high-quality presentation in CONTENT.

You also need to get comfortable with presenting it.

Any successful presentation system needs a good number of "practice particles" to ever get to the stage where it is fluent and effective.

In other words, a presentation needs to be USED quite a bit to show its good and bad parts - and to become a second nature to the presenter. A presentation used once every two months will never become successful simply because it won't have a chance of getting results.

The way to get good at it is to do it lots of times in a real-life situation. It's practice that makes perfect, in other words.

As to the contents, structure and nature of a successful Accounting service presentation, it is a very confusing area that makes evaluation quite difficult before you actually buy and try it out.

So, let's first take a look at why it is such a confusing subject.


Presentation - the black hole of traditional marketing technology

Nowhere does the traditional marketing strategy fail worse than in presentations. Bear with me and see if you don't agree.

Presentation is perhaps the most misunderstood component of marketing. It is usually confused with advertising, public relations or sales and yet it is an area separate from these. Let's take a brief look at how these other subjects differ from presentation.

Advertising is similar to presentation but EARLIER on the chain of actions and much more general... and a LOT more concise (shorted, condensed) than presentation.

Public relations activities are also similar to presentation but used exclusively with persons or entities that you want to think well about your firm and know your good work... but who are NOT likely to sign onto your services.

These would include banks, chambers of commerce, any kind of "breakfast clubs" and other such groups or individuals usually under the heading of "networking."

Sales activities are LATER on that chain of actions leading from the state of "no knowledge of the existence of your Accounting firm" to the end phenomenon of signing onto your services.

You cannot sell your service to a business owner before he fully understands WHAT IT IS that you're selling – what the item of sale is, in other words.

And that – enlightening an interested decision-maker on what you have to offer – is in very broad terms the general purpose of presentation.

Additionally, the goal is to educate the potential client until HE realises what he could achieve with your service.

In presentation, you show the potential client what he would get from YOUR Accounting service.

With presentation, you seek to establish FOR the business owner a workable understanding of what your service would mean for HIM. There's a lot more to it than this, but let's go with that for now.

Thus, presentation is used ONLY when

- the person you're talking with IS interested in obtaining your services but knows very little about them as of yet

- the person is the decision-maker that can actually sign onto your services.


Basic types of presentation

Most commonly, Accounting service presentation to a potential client is automatically replaced by a Public Relations -type of presentation – the kind one would give to a bank manager in order to establish credibility for your firm for OTHER purposes than selling your services.

Let's call that "PR-presentation" and the other one (that you would use with a potential client) "Sales Presentation" just so we know what we're talking about.

In a PR-presentation, you would concentrate on your firm, services, experience, references, turnover, and other such things that DIRECTLY inform the listener of YOUR good qualities.

You would tell them how much experience you have, how many satisfied clients there are, what the revenue is, how many partners & staff your firm has... things like that.

The PR-presentation is (or should be) used with people or entities (firms, institutions, organizations, etc.) that have little reason to DOUBT what you say – and it is a way of bringing the other person up to date about you.

The MOTIVATION or purpose of a PR-presentation is to gain acceptability or just to brief another about your firm and areas of expertise.

For instance, if you would hire a consultant, he would want to get a presentation like this in order to better understand your objectives, resources, needs and so on. Someone applying for a position in your firm would also benefit from such a presentation.

These people would have NO cause to DOUBT what you say, of course.

You aren't be selling them anything.

You're simply explaining the existence and nature of your firm, plans, ideas, policies... things like that.

In a PR-presentation, you are actually POSITIONING your firm in the same class as "other successful Accounting firms," if you wish.

Such a presentation makes use of the fact that Accounting Industry is known to exist, known to be respectable and dependable – and you're saying "I'm like the others, see – so I'm respectable and dependable also."

Sorry for the terrible generalization, it's only to illustrate what makes a PR-presentation work.

Immediately we see that once the MOTIVATION and PURPOSE of the presentation become SELLING, the PR-presentation loses most of its effect.

Once you're asking another person to give you MONEY, the element of DOUBT is definitely introduced into the game.

You want the other person to commit into a long-term relationship with quite some financial obligation.

Money is to change hands in exchange of what you PROMISE.

It's a MAJOR difference in degree of trust as compared to presenting your firm to a bank manager, see?

Look at it from the potential client's viewpoint:

You tell him how great you are and promise huge benefits... but HE has to pay regardless whether or not you keep your promises.

You SAY things and he PAYS MONEY.

Of course, I'm not saying it is YOUR intention to cheat him in any way. I know it isn't.

But he doesn't really know you from Adam - and he has been promised a lot of things before.

The trust factor isn't there, not yet.

But... WHY do the traditional marketing strategies TELL us to do such a presentation, then?

Well, you tell me!

What are the chances that the business owner is going to take the word of a previously unknown person and commit himself financially based only on that person's say-so?

You wouldn't do it – and you'd not advise a client to do it either.

Yet this is what we're told to do!

And what's the point in proving that your firm is "just like other firms?"

He's already GOT an Accountant – he isn't looking for someone that's "just like the current one" but something MUCH BETTER.

Is it any WONDER we get so few sales from our traditional Accounting service presentations?


What is the potential client looking for?

The business owner is basically looking for an Accounting firm that MAKES SENSE to him - in other words, an Accounting Professional that he can UNDERSTAND better.

It's that simple, yes.

Understanding IS the key element for the client in obtaining any BENEFITS from an Accounting service.

Information that isn't understood cannot be used - and anything that is not useable has no value.

In essence, you're not out to prove that you EXIST or that you're "just as good" as his current Accounting firm. Chances are, that's not going to put your services very high on his scale.

To get him to CHANGE Accountants, you must give him A REASON to do so.

To do that, HE must realise why and how your service would be MUCH BETTER than that of his current Accounting firm.

In fact, you want to give him as MANY reasons as humanly possible! Here, more is definitely better.

And it will not be possible to achieve that with the traditional marketing suggested PR-presentation.

See, the presentation of Accounting services being what it is today, he probably bought his current service after a PR-presentation.

In other words, he ACCEPTED the word of the Accountant at face value, he believed when the Accountant said (in essence) "I'm really good and you can trust me."

And now, the business owner KNOWS it was a mistake to trust those promises.

Thus, we see the futility of using a PR-presentation to convince someone of the benefits of CHANGING Accountants. It doesn't do the trick, as we all know from experience so well!

Yet, that's the traditional form of presentation that Accounting firms predominantly use.

An EFFECTIVE Sales Presentation cannot concentrate on YOUR firm or YOUR qualities... or YOU at all, for that matter.

It MUST concentrate on the CLIENT instead, wholly and utterly.


Creating TRUTH with your Accounting service presentation

"Truth" is an elusive, subjective concept. What is true for one person might not be true for another.

Basically, the most TRUTHFUL fact of all is the one that a person has created in his own mind.

From this, we get a simple rule of thumb showing how to make something true for another person:

Get HIM to invent the fact and it will be TRUE to him... simply because it is HIS datum.

TELL him that same fact instead, and he will RESIST it... simply because it is YOUR datum.

Thus, there is only one successful way to get that business owner to TRUST you and make the benefits of your services TRUE to him... which, as we see, will immediately give him lots of reasons to CHANGE Accountants.

You have to get HIM to form the idea that you can be trusted.

You have to get HIM to realise, all on his own, each and every BENEFIT that changing over to YOU would bring.

HE has to invent and come up with all those reasons to change Accountants.

Give those reason to him directly, and he will SUSPECT EVERYTHING YOU SAY.

Be patient, use a modern marketing presentation tool to take him through the subjects in a way that allows HIM to invent these things... and he will BELIEVE those benefits!

Simple, isn't it?

It is not only simple but also the ONLY way to get results from presentation today.

See - you're not starting from "zero-experience" with most potential clients.

And because of that, using the traditional presentation will absolutely KILL your chances with each prospect!

Let me explain.

Let's look at the track that led your potential client to you.

Some years ago, he decided to trust the PR-presentation of his current Accountant and accept at face value the claims that generous benefits and services would be given in exchange for the money he pays.

For one reason or another, those expected benefits didn't materialise.

Or, they did, but the client didn't realise that it happened – his Accountant didn't ensure the client UNDERSTOOD what he was getting.

Whichever it was is purely academic at this stage.

The fact remains that NOW, the business owner feels that it was wholly unjustified to trust that PR-presentation.

It didn't enhance HIS understanding and thus, he didn't really feel that he was making an INFORMED decision.

He just took the Accountant's word for it - and now regrets having done so to some degree.

Obviously, he isn't likely to believe it again. He's "not going to fall for it" a second time!

This time, he won't MAKE a decision before he has personally evaluated the new firm's services so he can be CERTAIN he isn't changing to an even WORSE Accounting service.

This is a subjective reality I'm talking about.

It is what the average business owner considers TRUE, viewed solely from his own viewpoint. He isn't going to TELL you this, but it is vital to understand that it is what he will use to evaluate YOUR services.

And here's the thing we usually miss:

Unless he CAN achieve a relative CERTAINTY on that this new Accounting service would be MUCH BETTER – and see it with his very own eyes, evaluate on his own and without taking anyone's word for it – HE WILL NOT CHANGE ACCOUNTANTS.

The mere IDEA of changing Accountants represents RISK to most business owners.

An overwhelming majority of business owners are fully aware of the fact they don't have ANY means to evaluate whether the new firm will be better than the current one.

Translated into math, it's a whopping 50% chance of making a fatal mistake.

But, in reality, it's much WORSE.

See - the previous bad experience WEIGHS HEAVILY in his estimation. He tried and he failed. So for HIM - again, subjective truth - the likelihood of making yet another wrong choice is HUGE.

Can you see how that previous "failure" to choose Accountant could weigh quite heavily in HIS equation?


Inactive state of potential clients and how to get them moving

Do you think you're competing with other Accounting firms?

I've got news for you. You're not!

You're not competing with another Accounting firm about these clients.

You not really even competing with their current Accountants!

Your nemesis is the INACTIVITY that holds business owners in its grip when it comes to changing Accounting firms.

That inactivity is caused by LACK OF POSITIVE CERTAINTY on being able to make an informed, correct DECISION about it.

And that, in its turn, derives its paralysing force from the inability to EVALUATE and COMPARE Accounting services.

My own clients – Accounting Professionals like yourself – ask me why I'm so CERTAIN that their COMPETITORS won't give them much of a challenge.

Well, it's because the clientele of Accountants is VERY PASSIVE – and if you don't close the potential client, he is simply going to STAY with his current Accountant.

If you give the prospect a PR-presentation, he won't sign on - but he isn't going to go to another Accounting firm, either.

You need to appreciate just how much it takes to get him to EVEN TRY "to make sense out of Accounting services" ... just ONCE MORE.

See, it's a subject he doesn't understand. He identifies Accounting with all sorts of unwanted things such as taxation and mandatory keeping of records. It simply isn't on the top of his "most desirable things to do!"

For whatever reason, he became active and tried with you... and got the same "we're-better - take-my-word-for-it" PR-presentation.

He won't say anything but he will NOT TRY AGAIN for YEARS!

He will become INACTIVE in this subject - totally and utterly so.

It's much like trying to make sense of some software manual. You know those tomes that use "outer-space" vocabulary nobody understands? You try it, get stuck, get disgusted, put it aside... try again, get more disgusted... and wait MUCH longer until you give it another shot.

YOU may get through it some way because you paid for it - and, as an Accounting Professional, you have a high ability to make sense of cryptic formulae anyhow.

But your prospect hasn't paid for the presentation and if it doesn't "open up" and make his eyes shine with newborn insight on uses and benefits of Accounting and finance... that's it!

He's HAD IT!

Why would he want to go to get that same PR-presentation again from ANOTHER Accountant?

If your presentation convinces him, he will sign onto your services.

If it doesn't, he stays with his current Accountant.

End of competition report!

Every few years, he MIGHT again go for an Accounting service presentation, just to see if anything new has developed.

The second he realises he is getting the same old PR-presentation... well, he knows nothing new HAS popped up.

So, back to hibernation he goes for yet a few more years.

Can you see how you really don't have to worry about a THIRD Accounting firm - or ANY firm using the traditional PR-type of presentation, for that matter?

Your "competitor" is the BUSINESS OWNERS' INABILITY TO INDEPENDENTLY EVALUATE Accounting services in order to reach sufficient CERTAINTY of making the right decision!

No certainty reached - no decision. Makes sense, right?

"Call me next week..." "I need some time to think this over..." - do these sound familiar?

Join the club - they are the signs of "not sufficient level of certainty reached" and the consequences of traditional marketing presentation!


Avoid the authoritarian approach - and engage him in an interesting dialogue instead

The EFFECTIVE days of the traditional marketing presentation are gone. It is based on the olden times when an Accountant was a big authority in the society, just like most other professionals such as doctors, attorneys, inspectors and pharmacists.

I'm not putting down the value of Accounting Professionals. Today, it is higher than ever - and the benefits of using Accounting services are better that they've ever been.

But the way we present our services must change with the times.

Society today is not based on authoritarian rule - and the world of commerce certainly is at the forefront of this evolution of personal relationships.

Similarly, the presentation of Accounting services needs to aim solely at enlightening the business owners' comprehension on what Accounting COULD do for him.

You must increase his understanding and, IN HIM, effect a thinking process that will evaluate the key points of achieving CERTAINTY on that your service is what he has been "always looking for."

This cannot be achieved by TELLING him things. That's the old, authoritarian approach and it creates an automatic rejection.

But it can be achieved by ASKING a long series of questions that allow him to evaluate the pertinent points without any interference or bias attempted by you.

The effective way to present your services is to INTERVIEW your prospects.

If you TELL them directly what benefits your service offers, they will AUTOMATICALLY DOUBT what you say simply because it is so obviously in YOUR INTEREST that he would believe it.


Make HIM invent each fact. Make it in HIS interest to HAVE that part or benefit of your service.

Make your interview such that he realises the CAUSE of things - why something didn't work and why something else DID. This is not only enlightening and useful but also immensely enjoyable for both of you!


There's much more to it, but if you add just that one aspect to your presentation in a correct way, you'll get much better results.

And, to this, you can add something to give him an even more convincing reason to change Accountants...


Selling through a problem

There's a very old principle of selling that involves utilising PROBLEMS.

The basic idea is simple: To be interested in a SOLUTION - which your service would be and / or provide - the business owner must have a PROBLEM he wants solved.

Regardless of what HE says, he does have SOME problem. Why else would he spend his valuable time to find out about the SOLUTIONS that you offer?

Those clients that KNOW exactly what the problem is and TELL YOU are usually the easiest to sign on. Basically you only have to AGREE with him that it IS a problem and then tell him that the SOLUTION is to sign onto your services.

Well, that may SOUND simple enough - but tell me... how many times do we eagerly tell our prospect that what he says is a problem IS NOT A PROBLEM AT ALL?

I know, we do it in the mistaken belief that it would prove how magnificent problem-solvers we are... when in actual fact, we take away his reason to sign onto our service!

All right. Now, for the majority of potential clients, it isn't at all clear WHAT exactly their problem is. Also, most business owners are very reluctant to admitting that they even HAVE a problem. You know how it is.

This presents us with a problem: How can you SELL THE SOLUTION if the PROBLEM it's for "doesn't exist?"

Well, you can try what we all try first - to CONVINCE him that he HAS a problem.

Only, of course, he will immediately DISAGREE with that - didn't he just TELL you he doesn't have any problems?

It is quite useless to ARGUE with him as he has already played his hand. He simply cannot give in as that would mean losing face.

Obviously, you cannot IGNORE the problem either. No problem and, thus, no need for a solution.

Believe it or not, prospects will take it as a "professional confirmation" that they DON'T have a problem and just go home, happily continuing to ignore the problem!

Enforce the problem and he is likely to use a lot of energy DENYING that it exists and criticize your solution to it as inapplicable.

If you cannot point out to him any unhandled problems or unutilised potentials that his current Accounting service may have missed, you're not really giving him a reason to change - not over to you, anyhow, right?

But if you try to point out these things you're likely to get into an argument or be ignored.

What is really happening here?

The basic problem of a business owner is that he WANTS to achieve so much and continuously underestimates the time and effort it takes to DO it.

In other words, he means to do the right thing, organise his activities and get everything streamlined - but then the run of the mill gets him constantly distracted from this great plan.

It isn't easy to organise all the functions of a business. In fact, it's quite an undertaking just to map out what needs to be done, who should do it, how it should be done... well, you get the idea.

Organising isn't the owner's first priority. He is mainly concerned with the sale and production - without those, there's nothing to organise.

Of course, as his business grows, the task of organising becomes even more daunting... so it is a bit of a Catch 22.

Be that as it may, the situation in which you find most business owners is that they are doing all they can to cope with the tasks at hand.

There's too little time to get things done.

Lack of resources, shortage of money and time... that's the regular roller coaster he is riding. It used to be he that was at the controls... but now, to a degree, he has turned into the passenger.

He is reacting to things, trying to cope with whatever he absolutely MUST... and it all just becomes more, year after year. It all becomes a bit too much for him.

All right. Enter an Accounting Professional, pointing out to the business owner what he has missed.

Hold on - but you're not pointing out HIS mistakes... but those of his current Accounting firm, right?

Well... yes and no.

What you want to say isn't always received the way you intended it to be understood. The receiver will form his own opinion on what HE perceives that you're saying.

A missing factor in this equation is this: Most business owners will feel responsible for their choice of Accounting firm.

Thus, he will receive your well-intending message with a prefix of "The Accounting firm that YOU selected..." and consequently, he WILL experience it as direct criticism on his leadership!

Even if he doesn't see it that way, your well-meaning observations will remind him of that forever increasing imbalance between what he should do and what he gets done.

He isn't going to like that, obviously.

See, the amazing thing is that he KNOWS he should do a lot of things - and he is upset because he hasn't done them.

So, what's the solution?

Well, take a look at how the Modern Marketing technology handles the presentation.

YOU don't tell him anything directly - you ASK HIM to evaluate each point and TELL YOU how it is.

You have a set of questions that gets him to LOOK at things from a new viewpoint. You lead the subjects on GRADUALLY and get him on the way of WANTING TO FIND OUT WHAT'S TROUBLING HIM.

You let HIM do all the work, see?

He has got to do his own thinking if you're EVER going to get him to GET IT, see?

You cannot do his thinking for him!

And that's what you'd be doing if you used the traditional presentation - the PR-presentation. You'd be TELLING him all this - doing his thinking for him - and feeding him "information already evaluated."

Many people actually take OFFENSE because such a presentation so boldly suggest that the recipient isn't equipped to do his own thinking!

All right.

There are many crucial elements to a functional presentation like described here.

For one, you must have GRADUAL approach to these problems. This way, he doesn't get TOO much to face all at once. You don't want him to DENY it. If he picks that dead-end street, he will then defend his viewpoint for the fear of losing face, see?

For second, your questions must allow him to answer ANYTHING HE WANTS. In other words, you mustn't try to "set him up" with "clever" questions enforcing an expected answer. Instead, you would affect his thinking by your SELECTION and SEQUENCE of questions.

Basically, the BIGGER the problem is for him, the more urgency there'll be for him to SOLVE it.

You want the solution to be "signing onto your services."

Thus, the PROBLEM must be something that is REAL to him and is real in general - something that he could change for the better.

So, don't let the problem become "having to listen to this self-aggrandizing PR-presentation."

His solution to that problem is what you've been witnessing long enough, right?

Instead, present your services in a way that allows HIM to realise what his actual problem is.

That same "hardheadedness" will then work FOR and not AGAINST you!


Understand - realise - believe

There's a simple formula that works within effective Accounting service presentations and UNIFORMLY produces results. With "results" I mean that if you have and use such a presentation, you will get up to 80 percent of your prospects signed onto your services.

I won't promise you 80% though - but I definitely guarantee that a correct utilisation of this formula will increase your closing ratio SIGNIFICANTLY.

The "presentation formula" works through and with the understanding of the prospect.

First, you must increase his UNDERSTANDING of the subject of Accounting & Finance.

Next, you must ASK him questions in a way that makes him LOOK at each small morsel of data and FORMULATE AN OPINION on it. To do that, your questions must be...

a) in a correctly-planned ORDER so you start from most basic things and evolve it into subjects that these fundamentals then allow him to comprehend

b) formulated in a way that ENSURES HE UNDERSTANDS each question - for if he doesn't, he won't be able to EVALUATE the subject at all and he can't ANSWER your question... and this will defeat the whole purpose of it

c) planned so that he COMPARES CORRECT THINGS with each other. With this I mean that, for instance, you wouldn't compare your price to competitors' but to what the prospect will be able to DO (produce, earn) with the timely and precise information he gets from YOU

d) asked in a way that allows the prospect to answer ANYTHING HE WANTS.

In other words, you make questions that are carefully selected to "predispose" the COMPARISON subject of the question (what he compares it to, the data he uses in his own evaluation) but you make VERY SURE you don't in any way control WHAT he answers.

Whatever he answers will be HIS opinion.

It will be true for HIM because it is HIS DATA.

He has given birth to it, not you.

He has evaluated this bit and made an INFORMED DECISION on how it is.

Now, HE will defend that belief and it becomes the "ultimate truth" to him.

The trick is to get more of these decisions to fall your way than not.

And that's exactly what the presentation system in the Modern Accountancy Marketing & Sales Course will give you - an effective, comfortable way to turn around the tables on this.

We also have a special one-day seminar / consutation package regarding the presentation of accounting services... click here to view our unique theme seminars for accountancy practitioners.

You make HIM invent what's so great about your services and how he would benefit from it. You get HIM to make small decisions, formulate opinions and establish facts about you.

Those small decisions will take you a LONG way in getting him signed on - for the big decision is simply an aggregate of many small ones!

You just take care that HE becomes the author and creator of all those positive facts and opinions about your services.

To do that, you must "play stupid" perhaps - and it certainly takes a bit more time than the traditional PR-presentation.

But once you achieve the objective, he will stick to his truth and make his decision based on THOSE facts INSTEAD of those past failures and disappointments (and lack of information, lack of ability to evaluate Accounting services).

And now, it will be your competitor and/or the current Accountant that face the daunting task of trying to prove HIM (not you) wrong in his deductions.

Any attempt to put down YOUR firm or services will be interpreted by the prospect as insistence that HE is wrong!

And wouldn't that be a nice thing to have for a change?

The exact presentation tools for it exist. They are tested and proven to bring a high closing ratio - Accounting Professionals with NO prior sales experience use these tools and close up to 80 percent of potential clients onto their services.

CLICK HERE to get a presentation of the Modern Accountancy Marketing & Sales Course that gives you this priceless presentation system - and also proven ways to get a constant flow of potential clients!


Best wishes,

Harry Kafka
HDK Consultants U.S.A. Inc.
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Clearwater, FL 33755, U.S.A.
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Why you can't find anywhere NEAR as many prospectice clients as you want:


Why does it appear impossible? Why do you get SO FEW referrals and prospects? What's causing this?

Well, chances are you've totally overlooked the biggest source of prospective clients in your area!

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Pricing Accounting services at value... but what's the value to clients?

Pricing your service by hourly rates will always result in lots of upsets and unnecessary explanations.

Why not adopt the principle of charging for availability of advice and at the value your expertise really represents to clients?

How can you CREATE that value in the minds of your current and future clients? Its not all that hard if you know how to do it...

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Do you KNOW what what business owners think about, value in, and want from Accounting... or just THINK you do?

Are you LOSING THOUSANDS by assuming business owners think the same way you do about Accounting services? Could it be that their viewpoint is very much different?

One thing is for certain: If you align your marketing message to meet EXACTLY what business owners want from Accounting services, you will start gettin a lot of new clients. Read why most Accounting firms are SO CERTAIN THEY KNOW while they still can't get new clients...

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Accounting service marketing: Getting your message across

Why is it so difficult to get ANY response to marketing letters, ads and sales promotions? What can you do to change it?

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Why "hiring a marketing expert" won't cut mustard if you want new clients...

One of the most common misconceptions among mid-sized Accounting firms is to think that all they need for marketing is to hire a marketing expert.

But that's really like solving a transportation problem by hiring a chauffeur and forgetting that he needs a VEHICLE to drive before any results can be hoped to be obtained...

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So you're looking for a faster, easier solution to finding new Accounting clients?

Many Accounting professionals in public practice don't really want to get involved in marketing and sales that much. Instead, they're looking for a fast and easy solution to finding new clients.

But BUYER BEWARE... does such a system EXIST at all? Well, many CLAIM that it does but if it sounds too good to be true...

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-Vital necessity of troubleshooting-- When choosing a marketing system for your Accounting firm...

Learn the insider secret on how you can instantly spot a functional marketing system and reject untried and unproven systems. The secret lies in whether or not the system has TROUBLESHOOTING TOOLS...

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Risk Management: Controlling the risks in marketing Accounting services

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So you HATE cold calling and don't AT ALL believe in telemarketing?

Then JOIN THE CLUB... you're definitely not alone!

But is telemarketing really a waste of time and money... or is it simply that you need a completely DIFFERENT approach (and system) to get lots pf prospective clients for Accounting services by way of telemarketing?

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Prospective Accounting clients through direct mailing?

Many Accounting professionals in public practice have tried their hand in creating sales letters. And most of us have had to give up for it's very expensive to find out that the letter doesn't bring results...

To get results, you need to use exactly the right words and concepts in your letter. And while it's not much of a secret, it makes a huge difference in response...

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7 factors governing the success of Accountancy prospecting

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You're 98% success... but to get a new client you need a hundred!

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- FIGHTING BACK: How certain are you that it is impossible to get new clients for your Accounting firm in today's economic situation?

Midst all the bad news, it's easy to forget that an economic slowdown contains both risks and opportunities, just like any other. Doing nothing is the only certain way to ensure that the situation can do maximum damage.

In fact, during recession you can make a HUGE LEAP FORWARD in terms of increasing your clientele and income... simply because most of your competitors do absolutely nothing. All you really need is to have a marketing strategy that aligns with the economic situation.

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How to SELL without having to use superlatives about yourself?

If only it was easier to sell...

Selling your own ability - yourself, in essence - is often not too pleasant. Using superlatives can be very embarrassing... and one can also argue that such salesman antcis don't go well with the image of an Accounting professional.

It's a paradox - if you tell the client how great you are, he might get turned off... but if you don't, he just won't know.

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New Generation Accounting Service PRESENTATION techniques

The traditional Accounting service presentation has outlived its usefulness. It still works with referrals and some prospects, but if you are serious about getting a lot MORE clients, you'll want this amazing new technique...

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Advertising & Marketing of Accounting services - a complete waste of effort and money?

Well, admittedly it often is. Why is it so difficult to get RESULTS from advertising or marketing campaigns? What's the catch?

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Are you practical or not when it comes to selecting a marketing system for your Accounting firm?

How can you find out beforehand whether or not a marketing system is practical and easy to use? Is it possible to estimate how fast and easy it is to start using the system and actually OBTAIN the expected results... new clients?

CLICK HERE to read how you can evaluate an accountancy marketing system for its practicality and usability before buying it!

Comparing Accountancy marketing systems: The ease of getting started and the degree of support

In selecting a practice management system for your Accounting firm, it is essential to ensure those offering the system have actually used it themselves...

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THE DIFFERENCE between traditional and modern marketing techiniques for Accounting firms

Traditional Accountancy marketing has a lot of good and perfectly applicable parts and practices. But some parts are ineffective by now. Learn how you can get results by using the MODERN marketing tehniques...

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You don't want to increase the NUMBER of Accounting clients but REPLACE a few with BETTER paying & more cooperative ones?

Sometimes the idea of increasing the number of clients isn't appealing for obvious reasons. Not everyone wants to expand through a vast clientele and take on the hassles of employing many people. A sole practitioner who's been in practice for a while usually has TOO many clients already... and too much hassle. The old 80/20 rule (20% of clients cause 80% of the hassle but not of the income) can be beaten but it takes a bit of cunning.

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How to sell advanced added-value Accounting services

Many Accounting Professionals have superb additional services to offer to their clients. But why are those added-value Accounting services, special consulting, valuation and other such excellent services so difficult to sell?

There's a very simple and logical reason for it - and once you know what the barrier is, you can effectively open the door to increase the sale of these additional services.

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How to sell Accounting services: Getting your hourly rates accepted by prospective clients

Majority of business owners seek for low-cost Accounting services. Justifying reasonable hourly rates is a constant pain and source of disagreements.

There is a simple way to help your prospects and clients accept your fees...

CLICK HERE to read on pricing of Accounting services and achieving acceptance the fees.

Do you want to get a lot more REFERRALS for accounting services?

Referrals are the cream of all potential clients for an Accounting firm. They're easy to deal with and you can close almost all of them onto your services.

But why are they so hard to find? And how do you INCREASE the flow of referrals?

CLICK HERE to learn the six factors governing the flow of referrals for Accounting services!

-Accounting Firm Prospecting System Evaluation Points-

Does it have correct Approach in Prospecting for Accounting clients?

Does the prospecting system have a planned and tested route
from contact to sign-on to follow?

Does the prospecting system have ENOUGH of what it takes
to really GET results?

Does the prospecting system include a systematised method
with TOOLS that require no training to use?

Does the prospecting system allow for constant marketing outflow
& sales activity of practical nature?

Does the marketing system include a way to monitor results
and troubleshoot problems?

Does the marketing system put you in control and give full
independence to obtain new Accounting clients wherever you want?

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