Choosing Accountancy marketing system, evaluate how INDEPENDENT the system purports to make you. Does it give ALL the information so you won't be forced to buy MORE just to get what you expected in the first place? Here are the tricks on....

...getting full control over your marketing & expansion!

7. Marketing system that empowers and gives independence

Evaluating Accountancy Prospecting Systems

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7. A marketing system that puts YOU in control, giving you total independence

Any marketing system that empowers you to get new clients indepedently and without "punishing success" is basically GOOD for you. It increases your ability to control your firms' future.

Reversely, any marketing system that leaves you DEPENDENT on the provider of the technology, charges you for results (or, worse - charges you monthly or annually even when there ARE NO results) is basically LIMITING your freedom and independence.

In other words, there's a SCALE ON INDEPENDENCE of kinds that goes with any marketing system. But it isn't always easy to tell how a system will work in this regard.

Let me explain.

Anyone selling a marketing system or service would do their best to approach you in a pleasant manner and with an interesting message.

The fact that something is interesting and inviting doesn't necessarily mean it is good for you. It doesn't even mean its goal would be to help you.

In nature, many carnivorous animals and plants attract their prey with tempting smells and visions.

Sirens of the Greek mythology would entice seamen with their beautiful signing into certain death.

Melodramatic to the extreme as these examples may be, they illustrate the point. Just because something looks, smells, sounds, or tastes good, it isn't necessarily GOOD for you.

And so it is with marketing systems also.

Any marketing system involves investments from you in form of money, time and effort.

If it brings you results, it will be a good investment that will definitely add to your success.

But if it doesn't bring you results, it will "produce" negative effects.

Lost money, lost time, lost opportunity to USE something that would have worked - all resulting in further problems of the kind you tried to handle with the system in the first place.

Here's a little insider secret of marketing you might find interesting:

The bigger a person considers his problem, the more prone a person is to get an EXPENSIVE solution for it.

A big problem requires a big solution, in other words - and the COST of a marketing system is often mistaken to be synonymous with quality, efficiency, and all those other things that comprise a "big enough a solution."

Taken apart like this it is, of course, quite obvious that high cost proves nothing about the power of a marketing system.

In fact, HIGH COST is actually rather an indicator pointing to the OPPOSITE.

If you invest £14,000 into a marketing system, your PROBLEM just became that much BIGGER - you'll have to start solving the expanding of your clientele from MINUS £14,000 instead of the theoretical "present time situation" that existed before you signed the contract - right?

Just so there's no misunderstanding - I'm not saying a system that has such a high price tag wouldn't or couldn't work. I'm just saying that the HIGH PRICE certainly doesn't prove that it would or could.

And it is obvious for everyone that it sets you BACK 14,000 in tangible below-the-line figures.

The price tag doesn't, however, give any added certainty of the system actually providing a SOLUTION THAT BRINGS MONEY IN.

If it DOESN'T, then you'll be worse off than before you paid for that "solution," obviously.

So don't look at WHAT the system costs in searching for indicators for its RESULTS. The price - high OR low - is not any proof of efficiency. It only sets you back from "zero" into "minus" financially - takes your money away instead of earning you some.

There are indicators that will give you a clue as to whether or not the system you're contemplating will help or hurt you in the final analysis.


It is up to YOU to evaluate that there's a balance between what you are promised and what you actually GET in exchange for your money

We often ASSUME that someone somewhere has somehow carefully balanced that what we pay for will give us what we expect for our money.

Unfortunately, it isn't so.

I once came across one of those questionable multilevel marketing schemes that had a very "clever" basic idea. In fact, it made its British creator a millionaire - just before he got arraigned for several fraud charges!

Anyhow, here's the essence of the scheme: He sold people the idea of fast riches and living luxurious lives with a yacht in the Mediterranean - well, you get the picture.

All you had to do was send HIM £200 and you would get the full materials for this great home business.

Once you DID send him the cash, you received a manual.

That manual was about 150 laser-printed pages of motivational text on "how lovely it is to be rich and beautiful!" At the end of it, the basic "business idea" was explained on a couple of pages.

All you had to do was to sell this membership to as many people as possible and get THEM to send him their £200 each - and you would get £5 for each! After those people you got into it sold it along, you would get £50 for each in the chain next to them, after which it became a fiver apiece again... at the end of which, you supposedly became a millionaire with some 130,000 people each earning you a few quid every year... yada-yada!

Well - this guy made millions with this system. Believe it or not, there were thousands of businessmen in his network.

And yet - it had absolutely NO SUBSTANCE whatsoever!

Nothing. Unequivocally NO product, nothing of worth - no item of exchangeable value what so ever.

All you got was a presentation of how great it would be rich!

All right. Now the above example is here only to illustrate the basic principle of any item of sale in its relationship to marketing.

Every single commercially exchangeable item of sale - be it a physical product, a service, information, or a combination thereof - has TWO sides to it.

The first one is the actual value of the item of sale - and all that it gives to the buyer.

The second one is the MARKETING of this item of sale - the apparent value that the marketing activity itself attaches to this item of sale. It is the marketing materials and activity plus the sales that CLAIM the benefits you get from the item of sale.

Obviously, if you get promised more than is then delivered, you'll get less than what you PAID FOR.

49 percent of promises with 51 percent of delivery is the ultimate perfection of a business success formula. That way, the marketing is at its most effective WHILE ensuring the client gets even a little bit MORE than what he rightfully expected.

In our sordid multi-level-scam -example above, the marketing was 100 percent and the client received absolutely NOTHING. Obviously, those that bought it were very disappointed as what they GOT was NOTHING compared to the expectations created by the marketing of this "wealth-building system."

Interestingly, this 49-51 ideal ratio between marketing and delivery also reveals huge POTENTIALS in most any Accounting firm's activity.

Unless you're currently very active in marketing your Accounting services actively (and obtaining a constant flow of new clients), one could say that in your activity, the marketing is far LESS than 49% of the whole... leading to a high-quality service being sold far less than its true potential would allow.

If that's the case, then one could safely say that you could easily UTILISE that potential and yet achieve a very HIGH client satisfaction with those new clients.

You could INCREASE the expectations you give to clients and thus, increase the sales - and there would still be ample room for the clients to be fully satisfied.

Be that as it may - it is really beside the subject here.

But, when it comes to evaluating marketing systems for your own use, let me say this in no uncertain terms:

The efficiency with which the marketing system ITSELF is marketed TO YOU is NOT proof of high quality of what YOU get in exchange for your money.

You're not buying the marketing system THEY USE to sell THEIR product to you. So, don't make the mistake of assuming THEIR flawless act is what YOU get to use in YOUR marketing.

I've yet to see a single marketing system offered to Accounting Professionals that wouldn't be totally dependent on the use of highly skilled, high-paid TOP SALES PEOPLE.

You won't GET those silver-tongued superhumans with the system.

You're paying for something totally different.

YOU won't have all those high-skilled salesmen, you won't have the resources to advertise widely and arrange all those meetings to sell yet more services to your target audience.

What THEY use in marketing THEIR services is one thing. The "WHAT THEY SELL YOU" is another.

Again, I'm definitely not saying that effective marketing of a marketing system would prove the system offered is bad. All I'm saying is that it certainly doesn't prove it is GOOD either!

The item they sell you is not what you see in action when it's being sold to you. I know it sounds idiotic - but don't think for a moment that thousands of perfectly intelligent businessmen hadn't fallen for it!


Indicators of balance between marketing of the system and the system itself

It isn't easy to keep tabs on clients' expectations versus what they are delivered. Whatever it is that is delivered HAS to meet those expectations.

One can hypothesize that the bigger a company selling marketing solutions becomes, the further away the ordinary client is from the actual "brains" of the organization. Those "brains" are the source of its knowledge and, ultimately, best equipped to correctly estimate what clients should and should not be promised.

Obviously, a salesman is more motivated by the commission each sale gets him whereas the creator of the service or product would primarily be interested in fulfilling the expectations of the buyer.

The more sales-oriented the control of the company becomes, the more effectively it markets its products. And at some point on that development curve, it will exceed the 49/51 ratio and become more concentrated on SELLING than delivering what was promised.

In marketing systems, this "quality of delivery" basically means how much the organization cares (and ensures) whether or not its clients actually ACHIEVE RESULTS with the marketing system delivered.

I'm generalizing, of course. I only want to illustrate the existence of this phenomenon and how you can measure it in the system you're contemplating to buy.

At one extreme end of it we would have someone delivering excellent service but not marketing it at all - not evoking any expectations, not utilizing the high quality & benefits of his service in its marketing. Obviously, clients would receive SO much in excess of their expectations that there's a risk they'll not REALISE what they get.

This is often the case with Accounting services. The unfortunate result of this is that the perceived value of these services by far and wide is much LOWER than the actual value. Thus, it "doesn't sell" all that well and people complain about the price.

At the other extremity, we would have an organization expert mainly on selling its OWN services or products at the highest possible price and not worry about what the client gets out of it.

For instance, it is all too commonplace today to have a "sliding-scale sales/delivery" -strategy in place. With this I mean that someone sells you a service for say £120 and, when delivering that service, sells you another one for £4,000... and, when delivering that, sells you yet another for £15,000.

Now, this is a very effective method and perfectly ethical IF what you receive is of tangible value and IF it allows you to do what you expected without having to buy yet something else.

Obviously, you wouldn't invest £20K into a solution that then won't SOLVE the problem. If it doesn't, then you've probably been experiencing a system where marketing is far beyond 49% and delivery correspondingly much lower than that.

You cannot simply assume that just because someone is so GREAT at selling a marketing solution to YOU it would automatically mean they are masters of selling YOUR services to YOUR target audience.

Knowing how to sell a marketing system effectively to an Accounting Professional is simply not the same thing as knowing how to obtain a constant flow of new clients for an Accounting firm.

The way to get a hunch of this is to check how FAR the "mouth" is from the "brain" - how large the organization is - and get the creator of the system to give you his PERSONAL assurance that you will indeed receive what you expect.

Another way is to estimate how much of the promises are made VERBALLY. See - talk is cheap and there's no way you can PROVE what the salesman said in a one-on-one conversation, is there?

Compare the verbal promises to written text. Are they there - or are they missing?

No one can guarantee you results. To do that, they would have to do it all for you - take over the marketing & sales activities of your Accounting firm. You are the one using the system and it depends on your tenacity, persistence and work.

But by the same token, the system has to offer the MEANS to succeed independently and without leading you constantly deeper into "you must buy this add-on to succeed" -type of things.

And that brings us to a very worrying phenomenon lurking in the shadows for those that seek for a workable marketing system.


Is the goal to give you independence - or to suck you dry?

In the final analysis, a marketing system is worth nothing if it doesn't give you FREEDOM to get clients whenever you want - and a freedom from any further obligations, payments or whatever in regards to the source of the system.

I cannot adequately express how repugnant I find any system that leaches onto its users with a preplanned goal of sponging as much money out of them as possible.

It goes like this: You buy one bit only to find out it's more or less useless unless you get this ADDITIONAL bit... which then leads you to yet ANOTHER purchase... and so on.

Naturally, the sums grow exponentially as the scheme unfolds.

You get into a situation where you basically HAVE to invest more and more just so your previous investment won't go to waste.

Trust me - this type of selling is not a good indicator of those expected results ever materializing. They seldom lead you to the treasure chest at a rainbow's end.

Another dead certain bad indicator is if the provider of your marketing system keeps you constantly DEPENDENT on them for the right to use the system or for updated parts of the system.

Naturally, there are quite ethical organizations that do deliver the goods - and the fact that they sell their services this way doesn't prove their service would be bad.

I am merely stating my OWN repugnance toward that type of system.

The independence your marketing system delivers is what it is worth, in the final analysis.

"Independence" defined as "giving all the needed tools and help required to actually achieve a state where you can actively control your marketing and obtain new clients profitably."

If the marketing system delivers the certainty and skills to obtain new clients at will whenever you want, if it gives you the control of your system and delivers the freedom to use it any way you want and for as long as you want... then it will greatly increase your own success.

If it entraps you into a jungle of obligations, springing unpleasant surprises in form of additional payments you weren't told about in the beginning... if it controls YOU and charges forever for using it... then it will not deliver nearly as much benefits than it could (and more than likely should).

It is for you alone to adjudicate how much you personally want to be dependent on someone or something else.

But it IS a vital element in any system - so do pay attention to what the intention of the provider of the service or information is.

Ideally, a marketing system provider should aim at empowering YOU as a fully independent marketing expert, giving you a total freedom to obtain clients without ANY further dependency.

That's not to say they can't offer you NEW products or services. I'm merely talking about getting ALL that you expect to get - and at the price you were told.

Essentially, a marketing system provider should have a goal of making himself redundant for you.

A good and honest intention of helping you manifests itself in the continuous effort to make you totally independent and empowered in obtaining new clients for your firm.

Thus, anything that points to giving YOU the freedom is a positive indication.

Consequently, anything that LIMITS your right to use the system or points to a necessity to buy additional services just to get the results you rightfully expected to get from what you already paid for... is a very bad indicator.

And any OMISSION of such future independency should evoke a question:

"Will I be getting ALL that I need to do your programme with this price - or are there further things to purchase down the road just to get this system functioning?"

"Where, in your materials, can I see it in writing?"

Demand to get the control of your system without further future payments or obligations to purchase more. If you get that, you will know that the system definitely aims at creating FREEDOM for you - and not the other way around!

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-Accounting Firm Prospecting System Evaluation Points-

Does it have correct Approach in Prospecting for Accounting clients?

Does the prospecting system have a planned and tested route
from contact to sign-on to follow?

Does the prospecting system have ENOUGH of what it takes
to really GET results?

Does the prospecting system include a systematised method
with TOOLS that require no training to use?

Does the prospecting system allow for constant marketing outflow
& sales activity of practical nature?

Does the marketing system include a way to monitor results
and troubleshoot problems?

Does the marketing system put you in control and give full
independence to obtain new Accounting clients wherever you want?

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