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LACK OF RESEARCH: The single most costly mistake in marketing Accounting services

TICKLED PINK by your own Accounting service presentation & marketing message?The most vital of all aspects in achieving functional and effective marketing for Accounting services is the VIEWPOINT from which it is planned.

Let me start off by asking something:

Whose wishes should the marketing of your services fulfill?

It sounds like a silly question, really. You PAY for your marketing, you BUY marketing services or products - so, obviously, they should fulfill YOUR wishes and requirements.

But is it really that obvious?

Isn't the purpose of marketing is to achieve new clients? Shouldn't it be the means to an end, the tool to effect a desired end result?

Shouldn't it be wholly composed to reflect the wishes of your TARGET AUDIENCE?

In purchasing things, the buyer naturally looks at the item of sale from his OWN viewpoint. While that is the only correct viewpoint when acquiring products and services that will "serve" you DIRECTLY, it isn't necessarily the best viewpoint to take when considering a service or set of tools for marketing your Accounting services.

To create a message that appeals to the intended BUYER, one needs to create it from a REVERSED viewpoint - that of the target audience.

Answering the question "Do I like this?" won't tell you if your TARGET AUDIENCE will like it.

"This is a great idea" does not guarantee the average business owner in your region will see it as something spectacular.

"This makes so much sense to me" will not necessarily mean that it will compute to entrepreneur Joe Blow in your area.

"This is explained very clearly" won't insure the majority of those business owners even understands it!


Opposite ends of knowledge in matters of Accounting & Finance - the difference in how things are viewed

An Accounting Professional and his client often view things from almost opposite viewpoints. Any open exchange of views with clients soon shows how differently the necessity or logic of some action is viewed by the two persons.

And, if you've ever had a disagreement of any kind with a client, you'll know how opposite the view really can be.

Society works this way and we can find many examples of similar (seemingly) totally opposite positions in viewpoints.

A teenager's view of things is often very dissimilar to that of his or her parents.

The "battle of the sexes" derives its persistence from CERTAINTY on opposite facts, depending on whose viewpoint you take.

Employers and employees, service providers and their clients, buyer and seller, political parties, religions... the list is almost endless.

In search for support for his beliefs, Man is prone to join GROUPS that hold common ideas. The most visible of these are the groups with established structure and administration (unions, associations, political parties, etc.) and lots of registered members.

Apart from organised societies, we belong to a HUGE number of groups based on our views.

We have similar interest, existence, location, beliefs, experiences, and whatnot with other people. And, while there's no organisation or establishment for these groups, they nevertheless exist and ACT as groups.

In the course of daily life, we meet a ‘kindred spirit' and recognise the similarity of views.

For example, if you were to meet another Accounting Professional in public practice, you'd have much more similar interest and experiences than you might share with an in-house Accountant or one employed within the government.

And while there might well be several associations or formal groups for practising Accounting Professionals, the common viewpoints between two practitioners would derive from their mutual EXPERIENCE in the SAME SUBJECT... viewed from the SAME VIEWPOINT.

One could say that you belong to a group of "Accounting Professionals with experience in servicing businesses in the field of compliance services," if you like.

It wouldn't be a FORMAL group. But it would, most definitely, be a TARGET GROUP.


The similarity of viewpoint within an Accounting firm's target audience

Any target group will be found to share the same opinions and views in any subject that touches their daily lives.

If one interviewed a hundred practising Accounting Professionals in UK, asking each the same questions on subjects within their field of experience as practitioners, one would get amazingly SIMILAR responses.

For instance, most practitioners consider that it is very difficult (or impossible) to obtain new potential clients ACTIVELY (whenever you want) at an AFFORDABLE cost. Or, that there isn't any COMFORTABLE way to directly get prospects.

Whether or not this actually IS so, is not relevant because the majority of practitioners BELIEVE it is so.

It will act as a truth for them and bring the expected consequences regardless of its degree of truthfulness.

With this I mean that even if someone HAD found a comfortable and affordable way of prospecting, it wouldn't in any way change the BELIEF of the majority of practitioners.

The views that we hold sit usually quite tight simply because they are very TRUE to us. It's simply the way human thinking works. And to publish any such successful experiment of prospecting and CONVINCE a huge number of practitioners that it IS true and it HAS happened would, of course, be an educational task of gargantuan proportion.

(And who would want to do so? Obviously, those that had found the successful way wouldn't have any interest to disseminate their success or teach competitors how it is done...)

But let's get back to YOUR target group.

Just like YOU can be seen to belong to a target group, the businesses in your area belong to a target group. It could be called "those business owners with experience in using Accounting firms' services."

Upon research, these business owners and executives will be found to have very SIMILAR viewpoints on Accounting services, Accountants, and Accounting firms.

They will have formed several identical "truths" about the usefulness of Accounting services, the price of service, and so on.

One can also determine the average level of satisfaction toward Accounting services and find whether or not business owners feel the service fulfills the expectations they had (and have) for the service.

They will also have very similar ideas on how RISKY changing Accountants feels and what would minimise that risk. Similarly, they'd be found to have definite views on how easy or hard the business owners find EVALUATING and COMPARING various firms... and so on.

Additionally, one could also find out what the majority of business owners MOST WANT from their Accounting service. This would include knowledge of which information and / or services they consider EXTREMELY VALUABLE and what they DON'T UNDERSTAND... and so on.

Further, one can also determine the most prevalent (and the second, third, fourth -etc. most prevailing) NEGATIVE generalisations on Accounting services that this target group holds in common.

Things like that. An amazingly LONG list of factors have to be known just to reach certainty on how to find POTENTIAL clients with prediction. To reach a high success ration in signing these prospect on as new clients requires even MORE.

Researching these things is, of course, quite an undertaking.

But once it's done, we would then KNOW without any doubt what the MAJORITY of business owners considers true, what their VIEWPOINT on Accounting services (and firms) is and what they like and dislike, believe and disbelieve.

In fact, we would even know the words, concepts and wordings the majority of them use for VALUABLE and WORTHLESS parts of service - viewed solely from THEIR viewpoint, of course.

Knowing these, we could then devise a service that would include exactly the services and parts that the majority of business owners consider VERY valuable - and not even mention (let alone OFFER) any parts of service or services that they DON'T consider valuable (or believe to be of no use at all).

We could formulate an approach that would use the exact "code words" - the wording THEY use for what's truly valuable in Accounting - and position these as OUR views. We could use their wordings on NEGATIVE things and position ourselves AWAY from those.

Using this type of researched approach, we could create a whole SET of communication tools, one following the other, and be CERTAIN that the MAJORITY of the target audience would find our communication "intriguing, different, make-sense and highly truthful" (from THEIR viewpoint, that is) and, thus, maximise the chances of obtaining PROSPECTS and getting these signed onto our services.


Which message will have the highest appeal for the target audience of your Accounting firm?

I've personally research target groups in more than one hundred industries. And with this experience, I can tell you one thing for certain:

There are practically MILLIONS of different possible COMBINATIONS of various views, opinions, key words and valuables to be found in any ONE target group.

What I mean is that, in marketing, you don't only need ONE viewpoint but DOZENS of CONSECUTIVE viewpoints that all represent the MAJORITY OPINION of the target group.

For instance, there aren't just one or two opinions about Accounting out there. There is LOTS of reservation in LOTS of areas of the service, its marketing, the communication to and from Accountants, the delivery of service, billing, and whatnot.

And there are LOTS of absolute certainties on HOW you should offer your services, WHAT kind of services are valuable, what shows that an Accountant is honest, how they determine the level of your technical knowhow... things like that.

You don't "ONLY" need to find out these things - and know which ones are the views that the MAJORITY of the target group believes to be true - but also the ORDER in which they should be taken up and the WAY you should use the information.

Successful marketing is really a CHAIN of actions - a staircase, if you wish - leading from first contact to final sign-on. The start of this chain is where a business owner doesn't even know your firm EXISTS. It ends when he signs onto your services.


Marketing Research: Knowing with absolute certainty what business owners WANT from Accounting!There could be hundreds of different alternatives to EACH of the needed parts of your message that, when combined into correct sequence, will result in a sale.

And there are about 80 of these PARTS you need to take the prospect through correctly and in the right sequence to ensure you have a high probability of signing him onto your services.

(Most of those 80 parts are done by simply asking a carefully planned QUESTION. Once you HAVE those questions, it only takes one telephone interview and one meeting to close the sale.)

The probability of reaching the correct messages in correct sequence without research is actually smaller than guessing the next week's lottery numbers...


It's a chain of actions and communication.

Each step needs to be MORE right than wrong, viewed from HIS viewpoint.

The chain needs to progress in a correct sequence, each step just right so that it leads to the next and isn't too steep.

Now, what are the chances of GUESSING these things?

When you create a message for your target audience, I know you firmly believe it is a very good message.

And I'm sure it IS. But will the message convey THEIR viewpoint... or YOURS?

How easy will it be to GUESS the right majority viewpoints?

Well, as there are about 80 subjects to know, you might get lucky and guess a few of them.

But ALL of them? And what about the CORRECT SEQUENCE?

You're the professional. You do the math. My calculator goes beserk every time I try the equation...

But it is really academic. Whether the probability is millions or billions (or trillions or quadrillions) to one, I'm sure we can safely agree that you'll have a MUCH better chance winning the national lottery than guessing the correct 80 points and ending up with the correct sequence.

But.... why, then, do we still believe that WE can "know" which message works and which doesn't?

Well, the confusing issue in purchasing marketing systems and services is that what appeals to YOU won't necessarily appeal to your TARGET AUDIENCE.

In fact, it is almost certain NOT to.

See - an Accounting Professional and his client are lightyears apart when it comes to how they think and feel about Accounting.

These viewpoints could be said to be more or less OPPOSITES in knowledge, understanding, attitudes and opinions in THIS specific subject!

Let me put this in no uncertain terms:

For a maarketing expert, it is extremely difficult to create a marketing campaign that would WORK WELL with YOUR target audience. It's very hard to know WHAT YOUR CLIENTS WANT.

It is much easier to know what YOU want. For a pro, it's child-play to create something that'll tickle YOU PINK because it portrays you in such formidably impressive light.

Selling to you involves only ONE target group - Accounting Professionals in public practice - while selling your services to your target audience requires experience / research / testing / piloting for TWO groups, see?

It takes YEARS of work to do it this way. It's a lot of work - I know, I've done it. Took us three years to get 50 practices and test it all with them for a minimum of 12 months!

It is much easier to take a short-cut and avoid all those years of hard work.

So, here's how they do it the easy way:

They create a marketing message that makes sense to YOU.

In other words, they don't even try to appeal to whom they SHOULD — your target group.

Instead, they use YOUR viewpoint, explain the benefits of Accounting as YOU would explain them, depict the problems YOU see to be most pertinent, and cleverly prove cleverly how your views on the matter are correct.

These top marketing professionals simply take YOUR wishes, opinions, likes and dislikes, hopes... all that YOU hope your target audience would believe and do... and put this into the message to them so that it appeals to YOU.

And it will impress you.

It creates realisations in YOUR mind. It gives a way to explain things in an intelligent way - all those things you've tried SO hard to get people to understand.

You will get excited. You will be absolutely convinced this is the message that works.

Only it won't. You can be 100% certain that it won't bring you a single new client but only waste thousands and lay your high hopes to ruin.

See, it cannot work, since it is created using YOUR viewpoint exclusively. It will appeal ONLY to you - and not at all to your target audience.

To you, it would be very logical. It would appear very intelligent and extremely effective.

But will it spark similar enthusiasm in the TARGET GROUP? Will the message arouse the same excitement in the minds of average business owners?

Right - it certainly won't.

And here's the thing:

A message that WOULD best appeal to your target audience would definitely NOT appeal all that much to YOU - unless you had SEEN the survey results and received the ‘professional secrets' of how that knowledge is used correctly.

So, we have a mirror effect of kinds at work here. What appeals to YOU would work best in selling something to YOU. Your target group won't share the viewpoint and thus, it won't appeal to them.

Reversely, what appeals to your target audience wouldn't impress you all that much. You'd definitely like that message LESS and, given a choice, would probably choose the one that "feels better."

The message that works for the target group wouldn't be CREATED for you, see?

The communication wouldn't trigger those "finally someone who understands this" - type of realisations in YOU. It COULDN'T. It's not "in your language!"

Researched, targeted marketing communication developed for one specific audience works much like a unique language. It's like a secret code of kinds - the wordings used, the emphasis, the sequence... these will ONLY communicate to the intended target audience.

To others, it means little or nothing.

All those words, concepts and meanings that are so carefully planned to trigger a certain train of thought in its target group, mean nothing to someone else who doesn't have that EXACT viewpoint.

The message doesn't "trigger" the intended train of thought at all.


Certainty is a subjective truth

We all seek certainty. Indecisiveness and uncertainty feel terrible - and it is wonderful to reach certainty on any issue.

All in all, it's definitely better to be CERTAIN of something than to remain uncertain about it.

But being certain about something doesn't mean it is the ultimate OBJECTIVE truth about the issue.

It is the SUBJECTIVE truth. It is true for that person.

A person will then interact with other people with similar experiences and make his views known. This is soon picked up by the communication channels - media - and reflected upon publicly within that group of people that share these experiences and interests.

Such groups are called target groups in marketing and advertising.

Once this has gone on long enough, this becomes a generally accepted certainty. Most people within that target group have agreed to it and adopted it as the truth in the matter.

Of course, it STILL isn't an OBJECTIVE truth.

If history has taught us anything, we know that a lot of people have been absolutely certain about a lot of WRONG things.

Yet, a person is prone to hold on to his subjective viewpoint even when it actually causes him to LOSE OUT on his own goals.

For the certainty that the person holds will most definitely govern how successful he'll be in that subject.

For instance, if YOU would agree with the common belief among practising Accounting Professionals that it isn't POSSIBLE to get a constant flow of potential clients, you wouldn't GET prospects constantly.

You would "know" it is useless to even TRY. So, you wouldn't waste money trying to achieve the impossible!

Not attempting to get prospects at all, of course, brings no prospects.

The result - very few new clients - would appear to substantiate the truthfulness of the belief. But of course it does so only for the person himself.

To anyone who DIDN'T have that belief, the subjectiveness and "self-proving" nature of this belief would be quite obvious.

There are COUNTLESS Accounting Professionals in public practice who KNOW it isn't true - simply because they GET a constant flow of potential clients and consistently succeed in getting businesses to change their Accountants.

For these practitioners it suits very well that most firms believe it isn't possible to obtain a constant flow of prospects.

Why would they want to publicise the truth and expend resources to convince their competitors by giving away their secrets of success?

Of course they won't do that. They'd much rather let the belief live on - even strengthen it - as it gives them a mighty advantage over the competitors!

Witness the pessimistic and critical remarks ANY marketing idea receives in public forums of Accounting. Why do you think the few marketing advices we get are so sickeningly general? Things like "Send Christmas cards to your clients..."

Consider the huge VOID that surrounds the subject. No one even discusses it on the Accounting Industry communication channels on the Internet!

There's a reason for all this. And it certainly isn't because practitioners wouldn't want to be able to directly influence their own financial success, is it now?

It's really left up to each and every one of us to find out these things and CHANGE our mind about things that are directly STOPPING the achievement of our goals.

The thing with personal beliefs and certainties - be they negative or positive - is that only the person himself can change his viewpoint.

Nobody else can do it for that person. Any attempt to do so is doomed to fail.

Anything that goes AGAINST those beliefs, opinions and certainties will be resisted, disbelieved and considered untrue.

Taking this into the realm of marketing Accounting services, we see how vital it is to KNOW the viewpoints and opinions of your target group.

If you go AGAINST their viewpoint, if you contradict any of their firmly held beliefs and certainties, your success ratio will be minimal.

Unfortunately, with today's traditional marketing strategy providers, the marketing systems are created to SELL TO ACCOUNTING PROFESSIONALS, not to their target audience!


Assumptions - the downfall of marketing Accounting services

Lack of research is the MAJOR stumbling block of Accountancy marketing. Man is prone to assume that others think alike and hold the same opinions, view things from the same angle, value the same things, and generally have the same preferences.

"Normal," to each person, is what HE considers to be natural and rational. Yet, each person (and each target audience) has their own set of values that they consider "normal."

This is a mechanism that keeps us going and there's nothing wrong with believing in what you believe.

But in marketing, the most important rule could be said to be "KNOW thy enemy."

The enemy is not your target audience or any business owner therein.

The enemy is formed from all those viewpoints, opinions, considerations and "truths" that THEY hold true - the ones that keep them from being interested in changing Accountants, keep them ignorant of the true benefits and usage of Accounting services, and keep the deadlock in continuance.

For you to sell to yourself, you need NO research.

You KNOW what you like and want once you see it.

But if you want to sell to your TARGET AUDIENCE, you can safely assume they WON'T think the same way. While as "business owners" you both hold many similar values, their views on Accounting will be very much different.

If they'd think the same way as you do, they'd be your competitors, not potential clients.

Yet, because of the "this makes sense to me" -phenomenon in our thinking, we are prone to utilise any idea that WE think is great and invest money into communicating it to our target audience.

Thus, we get the strange present reality of Accountancy marketing: It appeals to OTHER Accounting Professionals in public practice... but gets little or no results from the intended target audience.

And all because of the omission of one step in the creation of marketing messages.


Surveys - the difference between a sound investment and a high-risk speculation

Marketing is really the task of activating the willingness of people to cooperate with YOU in the attainment of their own goals.

Each business owner has to WANT to get in contact with you. He then has to DO several things before he "graduates" from a mere contact into your newest client.

To do that, HE needs to WANT to take each of those steps.

The task of your marketing activity is to create those steps and, above all, that WILLINGNESS for him to follow the path you've laid out.

Stating the obvious, what HE wants is quite different from what YOU want.

Therefore, the communication you use has to be tailored exactly to HIS opinions, views, level of knowledge, interests, and values.

It's really a bit like communicating in an encrypted code. You have to FIRST find out from your target group how THEY see these things, THEN form your message - and then flow it BACK to the target audience.

And NOW it will have effect.




A message built on assumptions and the viewpoint of the ACCOUNTING PROFESSIONAL

A message built on the actual, researched viewpoints of the TARGET AUDIENCE
A message based on personal viewpoint of ONE person has very little chance of hitting what's most important for the target audience receiving the message. A message based on prior research on what the target group wants and values will always hit the most important and desirable issues for that target group.


If your marketing doesn't bring direct results, then too many bits of the communication are not aligned to the viewpoint of the majority of your target audience.

Reversely, if you KNOW what your target audience wants, if you have certainty on what they value, like and dislike, need and require, then your marketing WILL produce new clients with a much higher success ratio.

But, you say, I DO know what my clients want, like and think!

Well, yes and no.

I've yet to meet an Accounting Professional totally unaware of the views of his target audience.

But I've only come across a handful that knows these views with sufficient CERTAINTY to ensure that their marketing is geared up to get a high success ratio in marketing.

Confusion comes from having TOO many pieces of data and not knowing WHICH ONES are of senior importance and pertinent to the task at hand - and which aren't.

What do business owners think about Accounting services and firms?

How should you approach businesses to create instant interest - and what should you avoid so as not to turn them off immediately?

What do THEY consider true, what do they doubt - what to say and what to avoid when speaking to business owners?

What kind of help, service and assistance do the business owners VALUE so highly that simply by offering these exclusively you could increase your marketing pull?

And which services mean little or nothing to them, leaving a hazy picture that cannot but lead to failure for your marketing? 

As these few questions show, there are many vital things to know about your target audience.

Their views govern their decisions and the better you know those factors the more you can influence their decision on which Accountant to choose.

And that - knowing these factors - is really what decides whether or not your marketing turns into a sound investment yielding ample results with high certainty... or a high-risk speculation offering worse odds than a one-line entry in the national lottery.

Now... if you've DONE this, don't feel embarrassed.

Everyone does it.

Marketing is a learning process and not all experts out there know what works.

The wrong lesson to learn is to stop marketing altogether.

Inevitably, that's the choice that will cost you most although the bottom line won't show "the income I could have made but didn't."

All you need is to GET that information and ensure you have a prospecting & presentation system that USES the viewpoints of the majority of your target audience.

There are no magical shortcuts that could replace precisely KNOWING the viewpoints of your target audience.

If you don't KNOW their viewpoints on the main issues concerning Accounting services, there isn't much hope to keep up their interest and willingness to continue.

Sooner or later, that lack of knowledge and certainty will fail you.

In fact, it's sooner than you might think.

The huge difficulty most Accounting firms have with the FIRST step of marketing - obtaining a constant flow of potential clients - is simply caused by NOT KNOWING what really INTERESTS business owners.

Given a choice, wouldn't you prefer KNOWING what works before you invest your time and efforts into marketing Accounting services?

The funny thing is that KNOWLEDGE can replace most of the FINANCIAL investment you'd need for effective marketing.

That's because KNOWLEDGE almost totally eliminates the element of chance.

The Accounting Professional who knows these factors and has a workable system to use the information correctly, doesn't need luck.

And, while others may THINK he is "lucky," he will know that luck has nothing to do with his success!

The good news is that we have this information for you.

We offer a special one-day seminar (or consultation) on what business owners want from accounting firms and how they think about accounting services. Click here to read more about our theme seminars for accounting firms.

Alternately, in Part 1 of the Modern Accountancy Marketing & Sales Course, you receive a complete survey report on the business owners' viewpoint and also how you can USE this knowledge to impress the business owners you get in contact with.

Part 1 also presents a basic Accounting service BUILT on those wishes — a service easy to deliver but one that will practically sell it self... It will make you lucky way beyond the law of averages!

Click here to read more about Monthly Financial Consulting Service!

Click here to read the general presentation of Modern Accountancy Marketing Course!

Best wishes,

Harry Kafka
HDK Consultants U.S.A. Inc.
PMB 211, 411 Cleveland Str.
Clearwater, FL 33755, U.S.A.
Phone (727) 474 1206
Calls from outside USA: +1 727 474 1206

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So you're looking for a faster, easier solution to finding new Accounting clients?

Many Accounting professionals in public practice don't really want to get involved in marketing and sales that much. Instead, they're looking for a fast and easy solution to finding new clients.

But BUYER BEWARE... does such a system EXIST at all? Well, many CLAIM that it does but if it sounds too good to be true...

CLICK HERE to read why looking for an easy way of finding Accounting clients can make you vulnerable for untold trouble!

-Vital necessity of troubleshooting-- When choosing a marketing system for your Accounting firm...

Learn the insider secret on how you can instantly spot a functional marketing system and reject untried and unproven systems. The secret lies in whether or not the system has TROUBLESHOOTING TOOLS...

CLICK HERE to read why the inclusion of troubleshooting tools is so vitally important when choosing a marketing system for your Accounting firm!

Risk Management: Controlling the risks in marketing Accounting services

CLICK HERE to read this eye-opener about risks of marketing Accounting services and how to minimise them for yourself!

So you HATE cold calling and don't AT ALL believe in telemarketing?

Then JOIN THE CLUB... you're definitely not alone!

But is telemarketing really a waste of time and money... or is it simply that you need a completely DIFFERENT approach (and system) to get lots pf prospective clients for Accounting services by way of telemarketing?

CLICK HERE to read how altogether 10,000 preselected prospective Accounting clients were obtained by a simple telemarketing speech...

Prospective Accounting clients through direct mailing?

Many Accounting professionals in public practice have tried their hand in creating sales letters. And most of us have had to give up for it's very expensive to find out that the letter doesn't bring results...

To get results, you need to use exactly the right words and concepts in your letter. And while it's not much of a secret, it makes a huge difference in response...

CLICK HERE to read how you can use direct mailing letters to obtain a good number of interested leads!

7 factors governing the success of Accountancy prospecting

CLICK HERE to read a 7-point evaluation on factors influencing how many potential clients you find

You're 98% success... but to get a new client you need a hundred!

CLICK HERE to find those missing 1-2 percent in order to harness your true marketing potential

- FIGHTING BACK: How certain are you that it is impossible to get new clients for your Accounting firm in today's economic situation?

Midst all the bad news, it's easy to forget that an economic slowdown contains both risks and opportunities, just like any other. Doing nothing is the only certain way to ensure that the situation can do maximum damage.

In fact, during recession you can make a HUGE LEAP FORWARD in terms of increasing your clientele and income... simply because most of your competitors do absolutely nothing. All you really need is to have a marketing strategy that aligns with the economic situation.

CLICK HERE to read how to harness recession to get lots of new Accounting clients!

How to SELL without having to use superlatives about yourself?

If only it was easier to sell...

Selling your own ability - yourself, in essence - is often not too pleasant. Using superlatives can be very embarrassing... and one can also argue that such salesman antcis don't go well with the image of an Accounting professional.

It's a paradox - if you tell the client how great you are, he might get turned off... but if you don't, he just won't know.

CLICK HERE to read how you can unleash your true selling power while remaining in your Accountant's role!

New Generation Accounting Service PRESENTATION techniques

The traditional Accounting service presentation has outlived its usefulness. It still works with referrals and some prospects, but if you are serious about getting a lot MORE clients, you'll want this amazing new technique...

CLICK HERE to read more on how to increase sales remarkably with a new Accounting service presentation technique!

Advertising & Marketing of Accounting services - a complete waste of effort and money?

Well, admittedly it often is. Why is it so difficult to get RESULTS from advertising or marketing campaigns? What's the catch?

CLICK HERE to learn why advertising accounting services doesn't work... and how you can change that!

Are you practical or not when it comes to selecting a marketing system for your Accounting firm?

How can you find out beforehand whether or not a marketing system is practical and easy to use? Is it possible to estimate how fast and easy it is to start using the system and actually OBTAIN the expected results... new clients?

CLICK HERE to read how you can evaluate an accountancy marketing system for its practicality and usability before buying it!

Comparing Accountancy marketing systems: The ease of getting started and the degree of support

In selecting a practice management system for your Accounting firm, it is essential to ensure those offering the system have actually used it themselves...

CLICK HERE to evaluate the practical experience behind any Accounting service marketing system.

THE DIFFERENCE between traditional and modern marketing techiniques for Accounting firms

Traditional Accountancy marketing has a lot of good and perfectly applicable parts and practices. But some parts are ineffective by now. Learn how you can get results by using the MODERN marketing tehniques...

CLICK HERE to read an article that will forever change the way you think about marketing Accounting services.

You don't want to increase the NUMBER of Accounting clients but REPLACE a few with BETTER paying & more cooperative ones?

Sometimes the idea of increasing the number of clients isn't appealing for obvious reasons. Not everyone wants to expand through a vast clientele and take on the hassles of employing many people. A sole practitioner who's been in practice for a while usually has TOO many clients already... and too much hassle. The old 80/20 rule (20% of clients cause 80% of the hassle but not of the income) can be beaten but it takes a bit of cunning.

CLICK HERE to read how to start changing the profile of your clientele so that you get more of those profitable and cooperative Accounting clients and can replace the bad ones!

How to sell advanced added-value Accounting services

Many Accounting Professionals have superb additional services to offer to their clients. But why are those added-value Accounting services, special consulting, valuation and other such excellent services so difficult to sell?

There's a very simple and logical reason for it - and once you know what the barrier is, you can effectively open the door to increase the sale of these additional services.

CLICK HERE to read the full article on solving the riddle of getting advanced Accounting services sold.

How to sell Accounting services: Getting your hourly rates accepted by prospective clients

Majority of business owners seek for low-cost Accounting services. Justifying reasonable hourly rates is a constant pain and source of disagreements.

There is a simple way to help your prospects and clients accept your fees...

CLICK HERE to read on pricing of Accounting services and achieving acceptance the fees.

Do you want to get a lot more REFERRALS for accounting services?

Referrals are the cream of all potential clients for an Accounting firm. They're easy to deal with and you can close almost all of them onto your services.

But why are they so hard to find? And how do you INCREASE the flow of referrals?

CLICK HERE to learn the six factors governing the flow of referrals for Accounting services!

-Accounting Firm Prospecting System Evaluation Points-

Does it have correct Approach in Prospecting for Accounting clients?

Does the prospecting system have a planned and tested route
from contact to sign-on to follow?

Does the prospecting system have ENOUGH of what it takes
to really GET results?

Does the prospecting system include a systematised method
with TOOLS that require no training to use?

Does the prospecting system allow for constant marketing outflow
& sales activity of practical nature?

Does the marketing system include a way to monitor results
and troubleshoot problems?

Does the marketing system put you in control and give full
independence to obtain new Accounting clients wherever you want?

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