Here are some of the most popular of our seminar themes for accounting firms. These seminar themes are either for the management of the accountancy firm or its personnel. Note that every one-day theme can be delivered as consulting also...

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Seminar and consulting themes for the accountancy industry / accounting firms

I offer one-day seminar events on various subjects concerning several aspects of running an accountancy practice.

These seminars are intended for a relatively small number of participants — from two up to about 20 — and each theme can just as easily be delivered to a single person in which case we would call it consulting.

The purpose of these theme days is to offer new insight into the barriers stopping one from reaching the goals set for that particular area of the practice, and to offer new ways of achieving those results.

The way the information is delivered always aims at inviting participation from those who receive it, engaging them to look at those "same old problems" from a new viewpoint, which then brings about many new ideas on how to avoid or obliterate the stops and surge forward toward the set goal in that activity.

I deliver these seminars and consulting engagements personally and I never tell my clients what they should DO with the information, nor that they should accept it at face value. The process is one of personal evaluation of the data and my motto is "only accept a datum if you evaluate it for yourself and find it to be useful."

A theme day can be tailored to include whatever you want, time permitting. Thus, if you are interested in exploring a different angle than what is available in the themes below, simply contact me to explain what exactly you need.

These seminar themes are divided into two categories, namely the ones for management and the ones for personnel. Management seminars are for the practitioner and/or the partners and/or executives of the accounting firm, concentrating on issues involving the top management's plans and goals.

Personnel seminars are mainly intended for all or some part of your team and usually involve a subject of a more practical "how to" nature, such as motivation, service attitude, communication with clients, handling complaints and so on.


Here are some of the more popular themes for a one-day seminar and consulting:

HDK Accounting firm seminar themes

Accounting firm seminar: Influencing the quality of clienteleManagement Seminar: Influencing the quality (not the quantity) of your clientele

Not all accounting firms wish to acquire a huge number of new clients.

In fact, as it can be quite a challenge to recruit and supervise employees in such manner as to ensure financial viability from their work.

Consequently, many practices have found it more useful to work with a small team of efficient professionals, thus retaining the same level of turnover / income while increasing the profits significantly through cutting overheads.

Thus, the idea of all-out promotion to acquire new clients is unappealing as it involves entering the same batch of problems that the accountancy firm experienced with a larger staff.

Hence, the emphasis shifts from quantity of clients to quality of them. How does one gradually influence the quality of clients?

Some educational steps are required with existing clients. Some marketing tools are required for finding high-quality clients to replace those existing clients who do not at all conform with your ideal client profile. Some additional elements may be required to client-communication and what's offered to them and how.

Accounting firm seminar: Increasing profits and turnoverManagement Seminar: Increasing turnover (and profit) from the average client

Whether or not the practitioner wants to increase the number of clients, he or she usually wants to enlarge the income and profits derived from clients on the average.

But how do you persuade clients to buy more services?

And, more importantly, how do you break through that glass ceiling set by hourly prices and the general pricing standards of the accounting industry?

The answer lies in offering something different, something almost all clients will find absolutely necessary once it's presented to them correctly... something they experience totally unique and not available anywhere else.

Such a service needs to be based on selling things OTHER than "service hours." It needs to be a BASIC service so that every client can join up... and it needs to be so make-sense and based on THEIR needs that most everyone WANTS to join up to it.

This seminar introduces such a service model and goes through why it's so desirable and how to present it to clients... and what can be achieved by doing so.

Touches the subjects of value pricing — pricing services at the value they represent to the client instead of how many hours they take to deliver — and the principle of value-added BASIC services.

Accounting firm seminar: Empoying clients' willingnessManagement Seminar: Employing the client's own willingness

Why is it so that clients (and potential clients) appear to resist just about everything we say to them?

How come our best laid plans for encouraging positive decision-making appear to cause little else than procrastination and indecision on the part of our clients and sale leads?

The solution lies in being able to employ the client's own willingness, to harness HIS willpower to work FOR the suggested solutions and not against it.

This seminar delves into a highly interesting mechanism of human behaviour in terms of what's true for a person and what he suspects... and how emotions and the SOURCE of data govern that assignment of "truth value" to information.

Learn how to plan your communication in such way that it maximises your chances of producing the wanted results... and find how you can prove ANYTHING to a prospective client by reversing the flow and having HIM prove it to YOU.

This skill is extremely useful and the seminar is also quite entertaining. As part of it I will also accept any communication problem you've had with clients and show how you can solve it rather easily by using this special technique!

Accounting firm seminar: Client-satisfactionManagement Seminar: Client-Satisfaction

Funnily enough, you cannot really increase client-satisfaction by augmenting the technical quality of service delivery or by giving clients MORE for their money.

Satisfaction is a feeling based on what a person PERCEIVES.

The oddball thing about accountancy clients is that they DO NOT SEE what they receive. This is usually caused by their lack of familiarity with accountancy.

To top this, it's also normal for people not to look for what went RIGHT but instead they search for something that's WRONG.

Client-satisfaction can be created by including a few basic policies and tools into how you interact with clients so that their attention is focussed on what they RECEIVED and what was GOOD about it.

This, added with a touch of discreet educational elements (teaching clients to understand that which they receive better) will increase the client-satisfaction tremendously.

Client-satisfaction is there already so "increasing it" is a bit of a misnomer. "Making them REALISE how much they receive and how many reasons they have to be satisfied with your services" would be a more accurate definition for what really takes place.

Heightened client-satisfaction results in longer relationships with existing clients. Satisfaction also encourages referrals so that your clients feel more confident in recommending your services to their friends and associates.

Accounting firm seminar: Referral ProgrammeManagement Seminar: Starting a Referral Programme

Can be delivered as a second day and a continuance to the client-satisfaction seminar as the acquisition of referrals is intimately connected with the degree to which clients SEE how much they receive, as the more satisfied you are with someone's services the easier you'll find recommending them to someone who trusts you, right?

But referrals work on the principle of "you get what you ask for" and this theme concentrates on investigating the elements that would maximise the degree to which your clients THINK referrals and ACT when they hear that a friend could need a better accounting service.

How you implement it so that your clients "think referrals" and "SEE referrals" (recognise the smallest hints and signs of a friend needing better accounting service) and "ACT referrals" (do and say just the right thing when they see someone needs your services)... these are the key elements of a successful Accountancy Referral Programme.

Accounting firm seminar: Understanding client-satisfactionPersonnel Seminar: Understanding clients' satisfaction and interacting from that viewpoint

This seminar goes over the clients' viewpoint on communication with your personnel so they'll understand how the clientele RECEIVES information and what causes upsets OR concentration on negative points in general.

It's all common sense as such but before one fully understands the clients' viewpoint one cannot predict WHAT clients perceive in your communication and how they'll interpret it.

Most upsets remain unhandled simply because we don't even realise our communication created annoyance in the mind of the client. Many things prohibit clients from communicating when they feel slighted.

Manners and generally agreed upon rules of interaction make us shy away from confrontational elements of communication. Also, it can actually take a day or two for some innocent remark to gain "sinister meaning" for the client.

Suffice to say that dissatisfaction is a build-up of small non-optimum things that a client experiences coming from your firm.

These make him focus his attention on looking for MORE negative "proof" of your "ghastly intentions," which again make them interpret genuine comments as something completely negative... and it all builds up until one day the cup runneth over.

That's the actual structure of those inexplicable negative surprises when a client (whom you thought was satisfied) suddenly goes "ape."

This seminar explains this phenomenon and illustrates how each member of your staff can easily ensure that clients will SEE your good work and focus on the POSITIVE.

Accounting firm seminar: Adding value to accountingManagement Seminar: Adding value to accounting services

The way to add value to your services is definitely not by empty cliches or by giving MORE for less money.

Value is in the eye of the beholder and thus any creation of added value has its final proof in whether or not the client CONSIDERS IT VALUABLE.

But what's valuable to any individual client? How do you find out and utilise this knowledge in your activity?

Here we discuss what's valuable to the average client (based on surveys conducted) and go through how you could add communicative elements into your service so as to add tremendous value to it in the eyes of the customer.

Accounting firm seminar: Knowing your target audienceManagement Seminar / Personnel Seminar: What business owners / executives think about accounting firms, accountants and accounting services?

This seminar can be delivered either for the top management or for the whole personnel as long as we know in advance which, as the information is given slightly differently for each audience (with the management data being a bigger body of data presented with more directness AND with some time spent on developing actual solutions for the firm).

Based on extensive surveys, this seminar offers much insight into how business owners think about accounting services, financial planning and taxation AND how this influences the way they experience communication from your firm.

An excellent and highly useful seminar with an entertaining quality as negative things are explained with "reverse logic" which makes the learning humorous.

Accounting firm seminar: How to present accounting servicesManagement Seminar:
Presenting accounting services

This seminar discusses presentation of accounting services, both to new prospective clients and to existing clients if they're being offered additional services.

The basics of presentation in this seminar are new to everyone in that I'll show how people RECEIVE information rather than how it should be presented. In fact, information should NOT be presented AT ALL... not if you want the client to BELIEVE what you're telling them.

How do you then present information if you can't tell them? Well, you do so by making THEM COME UP WITH THE DATA and then just letting them know YOU DELIVER THIS SERVICE.

This is achieved with a particularly interesting technique which involves asking questions whose ANSWERS form the information you wanted to present.

This way, the "idea" is THEIRS — they "invented it" by thinking up the answer to your question, see? — and that way this datum is absolutely TRUE and trustworthy... whereas if YOU state it as a claim, it will be "your truth" and as such suspect simply because you have a "vested interest..." you're selling something, see?

A great seminar for idea-awakening realisations in presenting your services in such a way that is guaranteed to find the "go-button" in every individual client.

NOTE: This is a management seminar, not one for sales persons, as the event goes into creating ideas on how this presentation method can be standardized in your firm.

If you wish to receive a seminar for your sales personnel, please let us know when ordering so we can modify the contents to suit the audience.

Accounting firm seminar: How to help clients moreManagement Seminar: How to help clients more

This is essentially a motivational seminar, not because of its subject but due to its end result, which is an increase / rejuvenation of the motivation to help clients.

Help is a very difficult subject for everyone and having your help rejected or unappreciated can have devastating effects on your motivation... and indeed in how you feel about yourself.

This seminar inspects how clients see your help and offers some extremely useful tips on how to ensure they'll both recognise and welcome (and appreciate) all that you do to help the clients.

Accounting firm seminar: Goal-building for increasing efficiencyPersonnel Seminar: Goal building

This is a motivational seminar for the whole personnel with the idea of concentrating on creating one or more goals for the whole team (goals to which YOU have agreed first, of course) and achieving common agreement for going after those goals.

The better your goals are adopted and agreed upon by the personnel, the more coherent their effots are toward producing the results you want, both in terms of quality and quantity (efficiency).

A very useful and fun day whose results can be quite spectacular with positive and long-standing effects created for your firm.

Accounting firm seminar: Finding potential clientsManagement Seminar: Finding an ample flow of new potential clients

Which are the secrets of continuous and profitable expansion of an accounting firm?

How do you open a flow of prospective clients and keep it going?

Why is it important what happens to these prospects after they've been contacted and how does that influence the way you approach them in the first place?

This seminar goes into explaining the whole flow of sequential steps required for a successful prospecting activity that will continue producing ample results, thus allowing your practice to expand continually without risk.

Accounting firm seminar: Successful telemarketingManagement Seminar: Principles of successful telemarketing

This one-day seminar explains in detail how traditional techniques of "enforcing data" and "controlling the decision-maker's thinking" do not work well, leading to very few results and short customer-relationships WHILE actually creating a negative image of your firm with those decision-makers who refuse the contact.

We will also go through the two principal goals of prospecting by telemarketing, explaining why it's more important to "grow the field" than trying to "harvest" it... and how both are done so that telemarketing provides a high 10-30% success ratio eventually.

This seminar can include the tools of telemarketing but only if these tools are purchased AND agreed upon by you in advance. Please contact me for more information on this.

Accounting firm seminar: Sales Closing TechniquesManagement Seminar / Personnel Seminar: Sales Closing techniques

A one-day sales seminar on how to close a sale.

The seminar goes through various sales closing techniques and what's required to set the scene for each technique in order for it to have effect.

This seminar goes into the PRESET CONDITIONS of closure and explains what's needed to ensure that the odds are heavily in your favour.

An excellent booster for sales and one that also brings to light many previously unnoticed problems and considerations regarding sales closing.

Also possible to deliver with sales closing drills in the programme but for that please contact us first as additional arrangements are required and there will be addition to the overall cost of the seminar.

Accounting firm seminar: Public speaking techniquesManagement Seminar / Workshop: Public speaking

This one-day workshop includes two parts.

One is a lecture (or series of short lectures) on various techniques and insider secrets to successful public speaking.

The other is a workshop in which several members of the audience practice public speaking while being coached with "reverse-logic" methodology.

This is the technique of making the person do MORE of whatever non-optimum he does while on stage.

This is a very useful workshop if you have to give presentations to groups. You will learn to control a group and feel calm when delivering presentations. The public speaking workshop can also be quite fun!

Accounting firm seminar: Delegating responsibilitiesManagement Seminar: Expanding through delegating

How do you get others to do what you do... and do it successfully and in continuance?

More often than not, the main barrier to expansion lies in that only YOU can do certain things successfully... and thus you cannot expand as the demands on you become the bottleneck.

How do you ensure that someone else learns to do your task(s) and then performs those tasks with persistence and viable quality? How do you secure agreement from your clients so you can turn them over to someone else?

This seminar/consulting day is for the top executive / practitioner / partners of the firm and it offers workable ideas on delegating responsibilities and making yourself less irreplaceable so that you can go onto new challenges and still supervise the activity so it functions exactly as you want.

Note that these seminar themes can also be delivered in consultation one-on-one at the same cost as quoted for seminars.


Tailor-made seminars

It you have another topic or want to hone in on some specific aspect of one or more of the above seminar themes, simply contact us through our seminar quote form to explain your idea and we'll give you a quote on it, provided we can deliver a seminar or consulting package on that specific subject.

Each seminar is delivered by Harry Kafka, the author of the Modern Accountancy Marketing Course and a long-time lecturer on marketing issues for select industries.

Feel free to request a quote even if the task at hand does not appear to lend itself to the seminar format.

Every theme and subject can also be delivered in consulting form and we do undertake specific work for clients such as market research surveys, creation of specific added-value services and planning of marketing actions & tools.


Seminars — the most pleasant way of learning new things and revitalising your goals

A seminar is often the best way of receiving information. It takes place in an informal manner, conveniently at the location of your choice and with little (or nothing) to read, study or do as the presenter delivers the information in a way that leaves you free to create new ideas.

A seminar always improves production even if NO practical actions are taken following it. The additional knowledge of various factors influencing the work cannot but help the participants do their work.

Whenever the next time there's a situation that was covered in the seminar, the person will automatically be more able to handle it since he or she has more understanding of the situation and some techniques to handle it more effectively.


Cost of one day seminars

The cost of a one-day seminar is £2,750.00 plus expenses (travel & accommodation).

The seminar is paid in two payments before the event (schedule permitting) so that a reservation fee of £1,375.00 (50%) is paid upon reserving the seminar and the remaining half latest two weeks prior to the scheduled event.

Costs come from travelling & accommodation expenses where needed. Seminars are held in the venue of your choice and if the distance from our location is 100 miles or under then there won't be any costs for travel and none for accommodation unless you reserve more than one seminar day to be held consecutively.

We will always inform you of the travel & accommodation costs in advance and these costs are invoiced after the event.

Please place your order at your earliest convenience in order to secure the date you want, as my time is limited. Also view the terms and conditions of seminar delivery — you'll find these on the order page or at the end of this page.

If you have questions before ordering, feel free to call me or use our contact form or seminar quote request form to send an e-mail.


Best wishes,

Harry Kafka
HDK Consultants U.S.A. Inc.
PMB 211, 411 Cleveland Str.
Clearwater, FL 33755, U.S.A.
Phone (727) 474 1206
Calls from outside USA: +1 727 474 1206

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Terms & Conditions of seminar deliveries


Terms and Conditions of seminar sales & deliveries

Seminar dates are reserved and preparations for delivery are started the day a seminar is reserved. The reservation fee of 50% of the total fee is a non refundable retainer for these preparations and for reserving a delivery date out of our delivery schedule and capacity.

The remaining fee of 50% of the total of the cost will be charged on your credit card two weeks (14 days) prior to the date of the scheduled seminar event that you set upon reserving it. You can cancel the seminar before that (if there is more than two weeks between the date of reservation and the scheduled seminar date) in which case you need not pay the remaining 50% of the seminar fee.

If you terminate the seminar after the remaining 50% is paid or should have been paid (later than two weeks before the scheduled seminar date) then no refund is paid to you. You can, however, reschedule the event at a 20% additional fee of the initial cost, if done latest two days prior to the original seminar delivery date.


Schedules / the reserved day of delivery

Reservations are confirmed within 24 hours of your order, ratifying the suggested date of delivery of the seminar if available. If the desired date is NOT available, we will be offering alternate dates for your selection.

We recommend reserving your seminar well in advance, preferably a month or more, in order to ensure that the date you want it delivered is available.


Venue & other arrangements

The venue where you want the seminar to be held is for you to arrange and pay for. Similarly, refreshments and whatever else is included (meals, et al) are within your responsibilities as we only provide the seminar speaking and programme of the agreed theme.

In order to save time, please reserve refreshments and luncheon also for the seminar speaker and his assistance (if applicable) if such arrangements are made for the audience.

If extensive printed material is required or needed, we will deliver PDF documents for you to print in the quantity corresponding with the number of participants to the seminar plus the speaker and any assistant he may bring along.

You also need to ensure the availability of some form of writing materials suited for presenting written concepts to an audience. We don't use overhead projectors or such but a flip-chart / whiteboard or alike with suitable writing materials is what's needed.


Conducting of the seminar

In conducting the seminar, the speaker has the right to change the sequence and contents of the lecture to suit the needs of the audience.

The purpose of the seminar is to give new information and for that it needs to establish basic agreement of various underlying facts of the subject matter with the audience. This is the first step of any seminar and it takes as long as it takes, thus possibly limiting the time left for handling the subject matter itself.

The willingness of the audience to be there and to receive information on the chosen subject is of primary importance. The speaker reserves the right to remove from the audience anyone who is unwilling to be there (sincerely NOT interested in the subject or unwilling to accept information about it) in order to improve the conditions of receiving information for the majority of the participants.

This is seldom necessary, especially so if you ensure that participation to the seminar is voluntary for those for whom it is intended. Information cannot be forced upon anyone and the more willingly each participant is there because they WANT to learn about the subject, the more useful the event is and the more we'll be able to go over, thus increasing the positive results of the seminar in your activity after the event.

Each participant will be encouraged to evaluate the data given by the lecturer on their own and accept ONLY what they can believe to be true. This is the only way to educate an audience as acquisition of knowledge can only take place through a person's own willingness.

Participants are encouraged to interact with the speaker as it is part of the seminar's structure. However, we ask that the top executive not "run" the seminar by asking a lot of questions on aspects which he or she thinks are useful, as this (continued long enough) will disrupt the seminar. The preferred way is to give us a list of the issues which you feel are important to be included so that we can incorporate these into the programme of the seminar if possible.

Each seminar theme can be also delivered in form of one-on-one consulting and will be delivered as such if there's only one person to whom it is delivered. With small groups (2-5) it may also be a more workable format of delivery but we will abide by your wishes here.


Number of participants and cost

The prices quoted here are for seminars with up to 20 participants. Any audience larger than this will mean an increase in cost of 2% per additional participant calculated from the basic price of the seminar, so please include this into your calculations when you book a seminar for an audience larger than 20 participants.

NOTE: With audiences & size of venue exceeding that of presentation without a public address system, it is your responsibility to ensure there is an adequate system of amplifying speach in place at the start of the seminar.


Distance of travel

Our lecturer lives in Spain, so any major airport in Europe or USA is within reasonable reach.

We undertake work outside UK as well but in such case it is recommended that you reserve two or more seminars to be held on consecutive days or during a one-week period at the most, so as to maximise the investment of expenses to the benefits you receive from the seminar — if expense is an issue, of course.


Commitment and right of refusal

We commit to a seminar once reserved and set out to prepare for it immediately. This may require some of your time in telephone consultation during the planning prior to the event. We also expect you to commit to the event in accordance to the terms and conditions.

We reserve the right to refuse to conduct a seminar to a client if we feel that it would not produce the expected results, the distance or circumstances are too demanding for a single-day seminar, or if we feel the intended client is a competitor.

In such case, the seminar reservation fee shall not be charged on your card or your cheque will not be banked or, if this has already occurred and circumstances change, we will refund your reservation fee in full.


Service delivery by:

Harry Kafka
HDK Consultants U.S.A. Inc.
PMB 211, 411 Cleveland Str.
Clearwater, FL 33755, U.S.A.
Phone (727) 474 1206
Calls from outside USA: +1 727 474 1206


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