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How to create that DESIRE to change accounting firm in the minds of prosperous business owners in your area?

How do business owners buy accounting services, online or off-line?Most accounting / CPA firms have a web site presenting their business in a very respectable way.

Great visual planning, minimalistic text, good references, and such.

All that is very good for public relation purposes.

Clients, associates, networking partners and a host of other vital contacts appreciate the respectability that your company web site conveys to its visitors. It serves a definite purpose in presenting your firm and creating a general overall credibility.

But of course it does not SELL.

It doesn't create DESIRE to change accountants.

Of course it doesn't. It was not created for that purpose. Its task is to act as a very good online REFERENCE in regads to your firm.

PROVIDED the prospective client already has the DESIRE to change to your firm and they are looking for reasons to justify that.

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The difference in creating interest and credibility

Accounting online -  what do clients look for?Interest and credibility are two very different things.

Interest is a tentative thing like hope, a flicker of possiblity of something you desire. It is very much a passion driven thing, it flares with emotions both positive and negative.

Interest cascades our train of thought from things we passionately DISLIKE to future hopes we fervently DESIRE.

Interest is a flaringly colourful thing, even brash at times, it gets the blood pumping and makes us do impulsive things. It REVELS in descriptive language and strong statements. It creates HOPE and it revitalizes our goals long since forgotten.

Interest creates within us a strong urge to ACT.

Credibility, on the other hand, is completely conservative and relies only on certainties. It disdains any show of strong emotion, rejecting brash language, and it contains no action.

And therein lies the secret of why most company website sell practically NOTHING.

In fact, those websites are rarely even FOUND by a prospective client. And if they are, the content does not take hold of the reader and make them gorge up the text.

You cannot sell, if WHAT the prospective client READS does not INTEREST him, if it does not get his blood pumping, make him want to read more and more and more...

Minimalistic style of COMPANY website is perfect for the purposes of creating credibility.

It does not create interest but merely projects respectability.

But it won't get anyone INTERESTED.

And that's why you need...


A PROSPECTING website for your accounting firm!

Accounting Firm Prospecting Web Site PackageAs an accounting professional, you know how very difficult it is to get clients to CHANGE their accounting / CPA firm.

You may think it is because they are simply not interested in accounting services.

And perhaps that is so with some. Perhaps even the majority of business owners are simply in apathy regarding the development of their finances that they'd rather not think about it.

Or perhaps many of them believe that nothing can be DONE about the way things are, that there is no way to PREDICT the future from the key figures of last months.

Be it whatever, there are no absolutes, so it is completely impossible that NOBODY would be interested.

In fact, once you've read the survey report in Part 1 of Modern Accountancy Marketing Course, you already know that most business owners DO care and WOULD want to know... but they simply believe such service is not available anywhere.

You would also know, that business owners consider the services of all accounting firms as practically IDENTICAL. Yes, I know, it is not so in reality, but THEY think it is and thus it is true for them.

So now you see why "nobody is interested in changing accountants."

The truth is that disinterest is only skin deep and IF you can awaken the hopes they had on steering their company financially, if you can get their old goals and purposes revitalized with your website content EVEN SLIGHTLY... will have created INTEREST.

Interest leads to action, always.

It may take a while, but sooner or later someone interested will take some action. If you offer enough easy ways to take it a step forward without it seeming too risky, without making them feel committed...

...then you will have a new prospective client.

Which is exactly what our Accounting Firm Prospecting Web Site Package does.


Accounting Firm Prospecting Web Site Package:

Make your website the bestselling "whodunnit" business owners cannot stop reading – while they talk themselves into changing to your accounting firm!

Become a trusted source of information on accounting online...If you look at any listings within any industry, chances are you will soon notice how they each claim to be the best.

The second thing you notice is that they also try to make themselves look just like the industry standard, only a bit better.

Well, for an outside observer, these two things seem rather inconclusive. "Best" is a definition that only the CLIENT can determine for themselves. Stating (in so many ways) that you are the best tends to create the opposite effect in the receiver.

I'm talking about prospecting here, of course, not the public relations website that companies have and that has replaced the printed brochure most used to have "in the olden days" – 5-10 years ago!

Companies also want to ensure they are seen as "normal," which means "same as others." So, how can you be the same and still better?

The point of it is that these marketing slogans are great if and when you're addressing an existing client or some such contact.

Not when you speak to a PROSPECTIVE client, who's there to see whether you offer ANYTHING NEW.

And that's why your Accounting Firm Prospecting Web Site Package can make such a positive impact.

- It will tackle the issues other firms try to avoid and discuss the subjects openly, without pointing fingers, but ADMITTING there are problems within the industry and showing how YOUR firm has solved them.
- It will arouse the passions of the reader in that it opens up many doors to possibilities he had long since discarded. It also shows how to rid himself of problems he thought inevitable.
- It will build his understanding on financial issues from scratch but without being condescending or talking down to him: We want him to understand what he can achieve and realize the gradual steps needed to get there.
- He will gorge the text because he is excited about the possibility of there really being a service model that could make his decisions easier and more correct, enable him to avoid difficult situations by simply having a radar that shows what to avoid and what to go for.

That's that PASSION and DESIRE are all about when it comes to B2B marketing of technical services.

Just because passion and desire have such a "bad" name from various snake oil peddlers within the consumer marketing field, does not mean they don't work in business.

They do. You just need much more skill and finesse to express these things in a sufficiently gradual and logical manner so that the business owner is not overwhelmed.

You need PASSION to bring out his DESIRE to achieve what he wants with your help.

Why else would he change? How could you otherwise persuade him to even CONSIDER changing accountants?

Once you have your Accounting Firm Prospecting Web Site Package online and with more and more local businesses finding it, you will see.


Accounting Firm Prospecting Web Site Package:

How to achieve constant flow of potential accounting / CPA clients from your region through the Internet

How to acquire the Accounting Firm Prospecting Web Site PackageTo ensure that your prospecting web site interests your target group, all you need to do is to establish a web presence of a very precise nature.

It has to be wholly targeted to creating interest among business owners in your region for your services.

An accounting firm prospecting web site, if created correctly, will act as an untiring "telemarketer" for your firm. Not only that, for it will provide lots of reading materials available 24 hours a day to any number of interested parties, who will spend THEIR time reading the materials (and saving yours).

It saves a lot of time and money. But, to get ANY results, you have to create a very precise "stairway of knowledge" onto your web site so that it will increase the awareness of your visitors at just the right gradient, step by step, until they know and understand the benefits of YOUR specific service (the Monthly Financial Consulting Service detailed in your Modern Accountancy Marketing Course).

A prospecting site offers free information and, to achieve results (contacts from business owners) it has to create hope and open possibilities in the eyes of business owners.

A prospecting web site is totally tuned into what the TARGET AUDIENCE wants, thinks, needs, likes and dislikes. EVERYTHING is explained exclusively from the business owners' viewpoint. That's all that counts.

In your Accounting Firm Prospecting Web Site Package, we're only interested in getting LOTS of targeted visitors onto your site and creating an intense interest toward your services... and taking it from there, step by step, until we get a good number of them to contact you.

All parts within your prospecting web site must align towards that same objective. This includes the visual appearance, page structure, text and graphic content, the flow of the materials, the elements to lower contact threshold, specific ways to optimise it for search engines... and so on.

There's a very specific technique in creating a prospecting web site for an Accounting firm so that it...

- CONVERTS a good number of visitors into contacts, sales leads and prospective clients...
- OPTIMISES one search term (for instance "your city" and "accounting") for search engines so that your site has the best chances of being found when someone in your region searches for "Accounting + name of city" — whether because there local or because they're relocating to your area...
- HAS A LOWERED CONTACT THRESHOLD so visitors feel at ease and subscribe to your newsletter, participate in your surveys and generally leave you their email address and contact details...
- HAS CREDIBILITY AS INFORMATION SOURCE on how to evaluate, compare and choose accounting services...
- EDUCATES THE VISITORS DISCREETLY on the many (commonly unknown) benefits and potentials that your accounting / CPA service can offer...
- DOWNLOADS WITHIN SECONDS and has the technical simplicity to ensure everything on the site forwards the same goal — getting your firm a constant flow of contacts and prospects...
- INVITES RELATED SITES EXCHANGING LINKS with you, thus ensuring you will get MORE visitors and more top listings on major search engines...

...and so on.

Additionally, the site has to be ready-set for actually SELLING your "starter product" — The Business Owner's Profit Guide which is part of your Modern Accountancy Marketing Course — which business owners can purchase at low cost in order to SELF evaluate and compare accounting services and fully learn the benefits of your services.


Accounting Firm Prospecting Web Site Package:

The contents in terms of specification of the web site and the service that comes with it

Enable your target group to evaluate accounting services online...Your Accountancy Prospecting Web Site Package contains basically everything you need to interest and educate the visitors to your prospecting web site.

All the work involved in setting it up online is within the package, including the web hosting and a domain name

Essentially this is a turnkey package delivering you maximum result in terms of high-interest content, lots of articles and a site that will definitely work for you with every targeted visitor.

Here's what's included in the package:

  A 22-page ready website full of content that is all for arousing interest and of course tailored with your contact details and mail forms
  Web hosting service with lots of email accounts and autoresponders
  10 newsletter issues for you to change to your liking, with the ready issues posted onto a newsletter server your choice (server not included)
  Domain name of your choice reserved (TLD ".com" or "" or ".info" only)
  Free submission of your site to 10 search engines
  Instructions and advice on how to promote your web site locally in order to receive lots of targeted visitors
  All the technical work needed to set it all up — you don't need any technical knowledge with this turn key web solution!

Essentially, this package contains EVERYTHING you need and requires no technical knowledge for setting up and maintaining the web site.

But it is not the technical work that is valuable in your Accounting Firm Prospecting Web Site Package, but its unique approach to enabling business owners to understand how much you can offer them.

Anyone can set up a website for you, and most can probably do it in a more stylish way than this package. But you know the value of having the tools to tempt the prosperous businesses to change their accountant / CPA firm.

THAT is the value in your Accounting Firm Prospecting Web Site Package.


Cost of Accounting Firm Prospecting Web Site Package

Cost of your Accounting Firm Prospecting Web Site PackageThe approach in the web site is tailored for the specific added-value delivery of basic monthly Accounting services detailed in parts 1-6 of the Modern Accountancy Marketing & Sales Course.

This 12-part course is the practical practice management course that gives tested and proven tools to get more clients and increase the per-client billing.

Due to the approach, you need to have already received parts 1-4 of the course in order to fully UTILISE the prospective clients that a web site can bring you. Or you should acquire them simultaneously with this package.

If you want more details on this unique results-producing course, CLICK HERE to read the introduction.

Due to the time it can take to get your web site TRAFFIC up to levels where prospects are obtained frequently, the Accounting Firm Prospecting Web Site Package is sold as an annual service.

The fee for the first year is $997.00 (USD), which includes all set-up costs, a domain name, web hosting, and tailoring the site content for you in terms of contact details.

The fee for each following year thereafter is $379.00 (USD), charged at the beginning of the 12-month contract period.



BONUS: Accounting Professional's Internet Marketing Guide

Accounting Professional's Internet Marketing GuideAdditionally, if you order you'll receive a very valuable bonus within your Accountancy Prospecting Web Site Package:

We will give you the unique Accounting Professional's Internet Marketing Guide absolutely free of charge.

This manual lets you in on all the insider secrets of Internet marketing, offering the best techniques for creating a permanent, high volume of targeted visitors to your web site.

Only about four percent of Accounting Professionals KNOW the profitable Internet marketing techniques. The Accounting Professional's Internet Marketing Guide will put you into that group...

This 260-page manual gives only ethical and legal methods of marketing but you will know the best techniques proven to get you visitors from your own region. And, what's best, almost all of these insider techniques won't cost you ANYTHING... the most effective Internet marketing techniques are free. You get visitors but you don't have to pay anything for them!


Accounting Firm Prospecting Web Site Package:

Why not get ahead of the competitors in your region obtain a unique competitive edge?

A constant flow of accounting clients through the Internet...Internet won't go away. It is here to stay and already billions of people use it as their principal source of information on goods and services.

And while you cannot sell accounting services directly online (so that people would simply sign onto your service without meeting with you) at a rate that would make it worthwhile, you can certainly INTEREST qualified prospective clients looking for a solution and get them to CONTACT YOU instead of a competitor.

And with the tools and service available in your Modern Accountancy Marketing Course, you are guaranteed to INTEREST MOST OF THOSE WHO CONTACT YOU to change over to you.

The earlier you get your own Prospecting Web Site, the sooner you will start receiving new prospective clients... and the bigger your share of the local market will be!

Isn't it time you had some HELP in your marketing?

Well, here it is.

Secure your Accounting Firm Prospecting Web Site Package now — be there before the competition — and you'll achieve a clear advantage; in the coming years, you will bypass the competition by a wide margin.

So you've all to gain and very little to lose!

Order your Accountancy Prospecting Web Site Package now by clicking the text link below. It will take you to our secure server and your web site will be up in a couple of weeks!

Accounting Firm Prospecting Web Site Package

Accounting Firm Prospecting Web Site Package

Accounting Firm Prospecting
Web Site Package

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